How to watch the third season of Vergenza

Vergenza is the television series that has been having fun for two seasons with the adventures (or misfortunes) of Nuria and Jess, a marriage to which life does not make it easy at all.

That said you think that nothing sounds like comedy, however, the situations that Nuria and Jess have to go through in their day lead them to live moments in which the viewer feels like wanting to laugh and shame outside the Same time.

Be that as it may, the Spanish series gets hooked thanks to its gil and dynamic style and its structure in short half-hour chapters. The truth is that we are dying to enjoy the third season of Vergenza.

When does the third season of Vergenza premiere?

The third season of Vergenza is available from February 14, 2020.

What do we know about the third season of Vergenza?

The third season will put Jess even more at the limit of what she could already be. We know that he becomes one of the most hated people in Spain after becoming public in which he loses his papers with his adopted son Yusuf.

Where can you see Vergenza?

Like the previous two seasons, Vergenza be available on the Movistar platform+. As you probably know, you will need a paid subscription to access the platform.

Movistar has several packages, some include series, other sports channels, other television channels, and many of them are linked to Internet rates for your home. It is recommended that visit the Movistar page so you can choose the package that best suits your needs.

See Vergenza from outside Spain

If you already have a Movistar subscription, but you are outside Spain, we recommend that you use a VPN to change the location of your IP. In this way, record how you connect to the Internet from Spain even if you are somewhere else.

A VPN also allows you to surf the Internet in a secure and intimate way, so we recommend them even if you don't need it to change your IP address.

If you need recommendations, some of our favorite free VPNs are TunnelBear Y Windscribe

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