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How to return an app from the App Store and recover your money

App store subscriptions

Apple allows us to claim a refund for a purchase in the App Store that we have made. There are times when by mistake, due to ignorance, or simply because what we have purchased has turned out not to be what we expected when we can contact the App Store support service and request that the money be returned. It is important to know that We can only claim purchases made in a period of no more than 90 days.

According to the cause of our problem, Apple is fully entitled to accept the refund or not, and depending on the type of problem you had with the app you can go directly to the support page of its developer so that it is he who can give you a solution directly.

Types of incidents we can report to Apple regarding our purchases

Before starting the process as such, we will explain what options Cupertino give us when it comes to claiming the return of the cost of an app.

I want to request a refund: If after buying an app or a game you are not happy with it you can try to request a refund. You just have to fill out a form explaining why you want the refund and report it to Apple. It remains that if at the discretion of Apple accept your return or not, depending on the cause.

I have not authorized this purchase: If we select this option Apple will refer you to the iTunes Store support page so they can immediately contact you and help with this incident.

I have not received or cannot find purchases in the app: For in-app purchases, extras that we buy directly within the application itself, Apple will send us the support page of the same app so that we can contact them directly.

The app or in-app purchases are not downloaded: If this happens Apple will redirect you to the support page of the app so that they can assist you directly.

The app does not work or does not behave as it should: Apple will tell you to contact the app developer directly so I can tell you what steps you can take to solve your problem.

As you have seen, only the first and second option lead us to continue dealing with Apple directly since others are destined to receive support from developers so Apple support does not take care of this.

App Store on iPhone

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How to get our money back through the iPhone or iPad

At the moment there are no links to report problems from the App Store or iTunes Store to Apple, so you have to submit the claim through the browser of our device. To access the claims page, the simplest is to do it through our own email.

one Open the "Mail" app, or your usual mail app.

two Search directly "Your Apple Invoice."

3 Open the email corresponding to the receipt of the app from which you want to request a refund. Maybe you do not remember the exact date of your purchase, if you have made several you must open the receipts to see which app they refer until you find the one you are interested in.

4 Below the icon of the purchased app we will find a link that says “Write a review” | "Communicate a problem." Click on "Communicate a problem."

5 You will be redirected to the Apple support website for purchases from the App Store and iTunes Store. In it we will have to identify with our Apple id and password.

6 Once identified we will access a page where we can select in a drop-down menu what problem we want to report. In the event that what we want is to recover our money, we will select the option “I want to request a refund” and we will write in the text box below the reason why we request it. Then we will click on “Send”. Apple evaluate your claim and in a maximum period of one week you will answer with the resolution that has been taken, and if they return the amount of the app or not.

How to get our money back through the web

If we have a computer, we can access through the browser the page to report problems related to the apps or subscriptions we have.

one. Access the page to report Apple problems.

two. Once on the web we will register with our Apple ID and password

3. Select the tab corresponding to the product on which you want to claim the return. "Apps", "Subscriptions", "Movies", "TV Shows", "Music" and "Books" will appear. Normally the claims in the case that we have to make them are about apps.

Four. Find the app you want to request a refund on and press the button to the right of it that says "Report a problem."

5. Select the claim to report from the drop-down list, in this case “I want to request a refund”, and describe why in the text box below. Once you have it click on "Send".

As in the claim from the purchase receipt, Apple evaluate your claim and give you an answer in no more than a week.

How to get our money back through iTunes or the MacOS Music app

Whether from Windows or Mac, we can from the iTunes app (or the Music app if you are using a Mac with macOS Catalina) request a refund of a purchase.

one. We will open iTunes or Music as we have.

two. Click on "Account" in the iTunes or Music menu bar, then on "View my account …".

3. Enter your Apple ID and password if requested.

Four. In the window that will have opened, scroll to the “Purchase History” section and on the right click on “See all”.

5. You will see a list with all your purchases of apps and subscriptions. Search on which you want to request the refund and press “Ms” on your right, then in the text that will have been displayed click on “Seal a problem”.

6. From here on we will be redirected to the Apple website to report problems and the steps to follow will be the same as when we make the claim goes web. In the drop-down menu we will indicate “I want to request a refund” and we will detail in the text box below why. Then we will click on “Send”.

In the same way as in the other options, Apple will return a response to our claim within a period of no more than one week.

In the event that our refund is approved, Apple takes between one and two days until it returns the money to the origin. In addition, during the process that Apple assesses whether your claim is legitimate or they cannot contact you to gather more information before dictating whether it is approved or not.