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How to return an app from the App Store and recover your money

App store subscriptions

Apple allows us to claim a refund for a purchase in the App Store that we have made. There are times when by mistake, due to ignorance, or simply because what we have purchased has turned out not to be what we expected when we can contact the App Store support service and request that the money be returned. It is important to know that We can only claim purchases made in a period of no more than 90 days.

According to the cause of our problem, Apple is fully entitled to accept the refund or not, and depending on the type of problem you had with the app you can go directly to the support page of its developer so that it is he who can give you a solution directly.

Types of incidents we can report to Apple regarding our purchases

Before starting the process as such, we will explain what options Cupertino give us when it comes to claiming the return of the cost of an app.

I want to request a refund: If after buying an app or a game you are not happy with it you can try to request a refund. You just have to fill out a form explaining why you want the refund and report it to Apple. It remains that if at the discretion of Apple accept your return or not, depending on the cause.

I have not authorized this purchase: If we select this option Apple will refer you to the iTunes Store support page so they can immediately contact you and help with this incident.

I have not received or cannot find purchases in the app: For in-app purchases, extras that we buy directly within the application itself, Apple will send us the support page of the same app so that we can contact them directly.

The app or in-app purchases are not downloaded: If this happens Apple will redirect you to the support page of the app so that they can assist you directly.

The app does not work or does not behave as it should: Apple will tell you to contact the app developer directly so I can tell you what steps you can take to solve your problem.

As you have seen, only the first and second option lead us to continue dealing with Apple directly since others are destined to receive support from developers so Apple support does not take care of this.

App Store on iPhone

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How to get our money back through the iPhone or iPad

At the moment there are no links to report problems from the App Store or iTunes Store to Apple, so you have to submit the claim through the browser of our device. To access the claims page, the simplest is to do it through our own email.

one Open the "Mail" app, or your usual mail app.

two Search directly "Your Apple Invoice."