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How to add a web page to your tablet's desktop to directly access


How to add a web page to your tablet's desktop to directly access

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June 29, 2015

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There are as many ways to use a tablet or smartphone as there are users in the world. While some prefer to use the social networks to control those websites that interest them most, others use Feedly, Flipboard or simply acquire the habit of taking a daily walk through those pages that publish content of interest. Today we show you a simple way to carry out this last type of navigation.

The main mobile operating systems allow you to create or set on your home screens internet site icons concrete so that, to access them, we simply have to click on that icon. This, it occurs to us, can be carried out in the event that we have an absolute reference website that we access several times a day or to make a folder on the desktop with different sites of which we are regulars.

It is already up to the criteria of each one, as is logical, to give it the use it deems appropriate.

How to create shortcuts on an Android tablet

In Chrome, once we are in the desired website, we must display the menu with the three vertical points that are just to the right of the navigation bar, click on ‘Add to home screen’And select the name with which we want the icon to appear. In this way, every time we enter it, this website will open to us in the Google browser.

Another favorite option for many Android users is Firefox, which also has a fairly simple function to carry out the task that we mentioned. We display the same classic menu as in the previous case, we touch on ‘Page’ and then ‘Add to home screen’. The advantage over Chrome is that recognize the logo On the page, the disadvantage is that we cannot assign a short name to our liking.

How to create shortcuts on iPad

In iOS It is also extremely easy to perform the operation with the browser par excellence of Apple's mobile system: Safari. What we need to do is enter the site we want to add, click on the button share (the square with an arrow to the left of the navigation bar) and click on ‘Add to the home screen’.

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Before clicking on add, the browser will allow us to write a short name For the icon. Once we have it on the desktop, we can operate with it as if it were any application, leaving it loose or grouping it in a binder With the other apps.

How to create shortcuts on Windows tablets

Without a doubt, those in charge of Windows platform They are the ones who have most thought about this assumption and, as in many other cases, have taken advantage of the extraordinary potential of its modern mosaic-like interface. The websites that have configured it will show site updates on your own icon, letting the user know the news without having to enter it every so often.

In this case we will use the platform's default browser, that is Internet Explorer. We go to the page we want to add, we extract the navigation menu by sliding from the bottom of the screen, press the star of favorites, write the short name and press ‘Anchor to start’(‘ Pin to Start ’).

This procedure is valid for both the Metro interface of tablets with Windows 8 and 8.1 as in Windows Phone.