Slash & Girl

Help Doris kill the Jokers in Slash & Girl

A new endless runner we have with Slash & Girl and that, although it does not bring anything new to the genre, it does help us to return to having a game in hand with which not to stop running and inciting a few clowns.

In this case we have all the power of the feminine with its protagonist and that will take us on volandas to enjoy his jumps and all those stunts with which to eliminate hundreds of enemies. If you missed a new endless runner do not waste time to get to know this new one.

The power of the feminine and Doris

Slash & Girl

The feminine is power and this time it is demonstrated in a new endless runner that comes with everything we usually look for in this type of games. This time we drove to Doris to Help her against all those Jokers that will come out and we will have to beat to progress properly.

Slash & Girl

There is nothing new that show around Doris control, side gestures to change track and those gestures up or down to jump or slide. And of course, when we move in any of those displacements, our Doris, whenever a Joker is in the middle, will release a good kick to get rid of.

That said, there will be some Jokers that need more than one hit, so look at the indicator above your head to know how many hits it will need to be eliminated. It is one of the different points that we have seen in this Slash & Girl and with which we try to encourage us to continue improving Doris, another of the points of this new game that is in beta from the Google Play Store.

Customize and improve Doris before those Jokers

Slash & Girl

It's true that what else has prompted us to continue playing again and again they are the skills and the objects that we can use with our Doris; as is the case with these new fashion accessories with which we dress and personalize it. Being so careful the 3D character, the truth that animates the thing a bit and thus helps us get into the gaming experience.

As we are not facing a freemium and this shows in those security locks that we will be unlocking as we finish levels. By the way, try to get all the points you can in that Freemium mode where the environment disappears and a series of very giant enemies arise with which to download all the adrenaline we have accumulated of the day.

Slash & Girl also takes us before those moments of parkour, although nothing new that looks over the horizon. Yes we like that at least in the environments there is variety, as with all those customizations that point to our enjoyment and continue playing in an enjoyable way.

Another endless runner, and?

Slash & Girl

It is true that this genre of games is no longer so popular because have been others who are hitting hard now; the platforms are still there giving everything and the shooter is coming out. But still we will always have a time to play a game, and more if it is done since the novelty that is Slash & Girl.

Visually has very good finishes and has a good variety of content. We are totally with the design of Doris and those customizations as clothes and more. A well built game that is capable of engaging from the first moment with this nice hero who can with everything.

Slash & Girl arrives wanting you not to forget the endless runner and keep enjoying the action they usually generate. If you like good games and enjoy a while of a freemiu, you are already taking a long time to try this new endless with a variety of content and with a hero who is waiting for us to help her against those evil jokers, can you help her?