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guide with the best options


Tablets and children: guide with the best options

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June 28, 2015

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It is well known that children they like them as much or more than we tablets, and the truth is that it is a very interesting option not only for your moments of leisure, but also for purposes educational. The only problem is that of so many things that they can do with it and all the time they can end up dedicating, maybe there is a point where sharing our tablet with them is problematic, so many parents decide to buy one that they can Use only them. The question, of course, is which is the best option, since we find a good number of alternatives in front of us, being the fundamental decision if buy a children's tablet or if adapt for them a conventional tablet.

The best tablets for children

We start by reviewing best tablets for kids that we can find in stores and that share a few fundamental characteristics: a design attractive, an extra resistance and programs of Parental control. On the negative side, the most normal thing is that they are tablets a bit short in terms of technical specifications, although with most applications we will not notice.

Clan Tablet 2

We start with one of the most popular children's tablets, which comes with the seal of the TVE's Clan channel, although in reality it is a child tablet model that Kurio It also markets on its own. The one we bring you in this selection is a new model, more recent than the one that made it famous, although there is not much improvement in technical specifications, but the changes are mainly in the included contents, which are, after all, the distinctive brand of the tablet. It has a screen of 7 inches with resolution 1024 x 600, a dual core processor, 8 GB of storage capacity (expandable via micro-SD) and a battery of 4000 mAh. It should be mentioned that it has its own app store and we will not be able to access those of Google Play.

clan 2

Mini paquito

If there is a tablet that can compete with the Clan in terms of popularity, they are probably the ones it sells Imaginarium. By price and technical specifications it is very similar to the previous one, although the screen is a bit larger (8 inches) and the processor instead of two cores is four. The main difference, regardless of the design (this is clearly inspired by the iPad mini), is in the contents, that fulfill the same functions but that will not be exactly the same, since here instead of the applications of Clan TV, we have those of PaquitoLand, important detail to consider because we will not have access to Google Play with it.

mini paquito

Wolder miTab Yummy

If the 150 euros of the previous two become excessive, Wolder It has a specific model for children much cheaper (around 50 euros), but it should be noted that the price difference leaves its mark on the technical specifications and, although we may not care too much that the resolution drops to 800 x 480 pixels, it may affect us more than the battery is only 2,200 mAh, which may mean that we have to be charging it with some frequency, depending on how much use it is given, or that it has only 4GB of storage capacity, though, this has an easier remedy, since it has a micro-SD card slot.

mitab yummy

Vtech Storio S3

That of Vtech It is a tablet aimed at very young children, and for a slightly older child it doesn't make much sense. The screen is much smaller than the others (with 5 inchesIn fact, maybe it's smaller than our smartphone) and the hardware is even more limited. The advantage that it has is that it does not need any type of cover, since its housing, in addition to being comfortable to hold, is, in fact, of a resistance that not many covers can match. Of course, the contents to which we have access are again only those made available to us by the manufacturer.

Vtech Storio S3

Adapt a conventional tablet for a child

The truth is that it is far from essential that the tablets used by children are made exclusively with them in mind, since there are no shortage of options for adapt a conventional tablet for them and it doesn't even mean that we are going to spend more money, because there are tablets with very affordable prices that can serve us perfectly as a base and there are also covers, essential accessory, quite cheap. We are also free of the limitations regarding being able to download content from conventional application stores, which is something we will surely appreciate.

The best options

We begin to see what are the models that could serve as a starting point, and for this we have started with a selection with 3 Android tablets of walking prices between 100 and 150 euros, although we can not fail to mention the always desired iPad. Of course, we can find even cheaper tablets and, in fact, we have at your disposal a compilation of the best options we have to buy us a for less than 100 euros. You just have to keep in mind that, in addition to some more limited technical specifications (although still quite decent and certainly at the level of children's tablets), we will not have so many accessories from which to choose, which may be something more problematic, for example, when complementing it with a cover.

Fire HD 6

One of the best options for a child is the Fire HD 6, so much so that it is the model on which Amazon It has been based to create its specific tablet for children, which is currently not sold in Spain. Even without the extra contents of that edition, it is a perfect device for them, with a size that makes it very manageable and a very good construction, which makes it a pretty device resistant even before putting a cover. Even being cheaper (99 euros), the hardware is much better than in the previous ones (more powerful processor, screen of 1280 x 800) and the only thing we lose is that the cheapest model only has 8 GB of storage capacity, without the possibility of expanding via micro-SD. If we are willing to spend a little more, we also have a 7-inch model that is worth considering.

Amazon Fire HD 6

MeMO Pad 7

Tablet Asus It is another great option, and although there is a wide variety of versions, with small variations in price and features, in general, we can trust that we will get a device with an excellent quality / price ratio. The version that we bring you here (less than 120 euros), one of the most popular, has a screen of 1280 x 800 pixels, a processor Intel and the 8 GB of storage capacity that offers us of departure yes that can be extended through micro-SD card. There is also an 8-inch model, if you prefer a slightly larger screen, and the price does not rise too much. It has the advantage of being a fairly popular tablet, so it is easy to find accessories for her.

Intel MeMO Pad 7

Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

Despite being a bit more expensive (about 150 euros), the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 It is also a good alternative, and not only because, quite simply, some Koreans will feel calmer with a device, but also because, as was the case with the MeMO Pad 7, but even more, it is a tablet that sells a lot and which will give us more options accessories. The screen is also of 1280 x 800 pixels, has 1.5 GB RAM and also has a micro-SD card slot, allowing us to externally expand its 8 GB of storage capacity.

Galaxy Tab 4 7

iPad mini

If we like tablets Manzana (or if the child likes it, which is quite likely), the best option is undoubtedly the iPad mini, which is the cheapest option, although, unfortunately, its presence on the shelves has the days counted, since Apple has already removed it from the Apple Store and it is a matter of time that the stock in the rest of distributors is running out. It is also worth checking out when to the company's website since sometimes we can find very interesting offers on restored units, which have the same guarantee as if they were new.

iPad mini

Before putting them in the hands of a child

Choosing a good tablet is only the first step, since adapting it to a child requires some more considerations and doing this work for us is what raises the price of specific tablets for children, and they are related both to the outside of the device and to the contents to which we will give them access with them.

Covers. The first step is obvious: get hold of a good case. If we want the tablet not to die too soon, give it an extra layer of resistance It is essential when the main user is going to be a child, although neither is it to “eliminate” the edges or peaks with which it could be damaged. The covers, in addition, can give us some extras that are also interesting, like a support to keep the device vertical or a handle to take it from side to side with ease. The users of iPad They are the easiest choice, since the offer is much wider, while with a Android tablet The number of options will depend a lot, as we said before, on which model we have opted for. So much for the first as for secondsIn any case, we have some recommendations.

iGuy "width =" 656 "height =" 318 "srcset =" 656w, 2015/06 / iGuy-300x146.jpg 300w, 634w, iGuy.jpg 690w "sizes =" (max-width: 656px) 100vw, 656px "/></p><p><strong>Parental control and educational applications. </strong>The second step is to protect the child from content that is not appropriate for his age, and for this the <strong>Parental control</strong> It's fundamental. Again, it's something simpler with a <strong>iPad</strong>, since it has incorporated the relevant configuration options directly between its settings, and although it is quite simple, if you have any doubt, we have a couple of <strong>tutorials</strong> at your disposal: one with the <strong>basic options</strong>, and another with <strong>some more specific function</strong>, such as blocking certain areas of the screen to the touch control. In case you have a <strong>Android tablet</strong>, parental control will have to be configured through <strong>apps</strong> Y <strong>launchers</strong>, but it is also very easy to do, as we show you in this other <strong>tutorial</strong>, in which we also include some recommendations from <strong>educational applications</strong> (which we also have for users of <strong>iPad</strong>in this other <strong>compilation</strong>). We also have to leave some space at leisure, in any case, so we end up with a selection with some of the<strong> best games for kids </strong>that there is right now, and in this case you can enjoy them both in a <strong>iPad</strong> as in a <strong>Android tablet</strong>.</p><p><img class=