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Google withdraws more than 600 applications from the Play Store for displaying inappropriate advertising

Google Play Store

Many of us, if not all, have installed a free application from the Play Store and suddenly, our terminal has begun to show advertising on the lock screen, when we navigate, when we make a call … situations that irritate us when it is very recurrent.

These types of applications demonstrate, once again, that The Play Store automatic review process leaves a lot to be desired and that it should change its policy, a policy that rewards the speed of publishing applications in the Play Store instead of the security of users, without which, Android would not have a market share of 90%.

However, from time to time, Google makes a move that gives hope in this regard, a move towards the gallery But if you don't change your review policy, it's like giving bread crumbs to an elephant to feed it: it's useless. The search giant has announced that it has removed “almost 600” applications from the Play Store, also prohibiting them from monetizing ads, because of their inappropriate ads.

Specifically, Google says that "Inappropriate" ads are those that are shown to users in "unexpected ways," when the ads appear even if we are not using the device, or if a full screen ad is shown when you try to make a phone call, when you unlock the phone, on the lock screen …

Google claims that developers always discover new methods to skip Google bans, but thanks to machine learning, it is increasingly difficult to avoid detection

If we take into account that in the Play Store there are more than 3 million applications available, we check, once again, how this movement is aimed at the public and that in Google They have no intention of modifying the application review process which distributes through the Play Store