Google says you should not install its apps on uncertified Huawei

Google says you should not install its apps on uncertified Huawei

For Google, an uncertified device means that you will not have the Play Protect backup, a service that is responsible for analyzing all apps to verify that they are safe. By not having it, the mobile is susceptible to data security and privacy issues due to applications that are not verified as safe.

Thus, any malicious person on the Internet can publish a modified application of some Google service with malicious code, and the user, not having the security layer offered by Play Protect, will be exposed.

Precisely that was what they claimed in a support document published on Friday, February 21: To protect the privacy and security of user data, and to safeguard the overall experience, Google Play Store, Google Play Protect and applications Google principals (including Gmail, YouTube and Maps, and others) are only available on devices with Play Protect certification.

Installing Google services on Huawei phones is dangerous

Since May 16, 2019, and as a result of the US commercial veto, Google does not certify Huawei phones so they can use their services. This has led many mobile importers and distributors to recommend users to install the GApps on their own.

Such is the case of the Mate 30 Pro, the most recent Mate Xs or the MatePad Pro, three devices that do not have certification, but have multiple alternative methods to have Google services installed. But for its owners Google makes a warning:

Google applications will not work reliably on these devices, because we do not allow these services to run on non-certified devices (). The use of Google applications as secondary applications also carries a high risk of installing an application that has been altered or manipulated. ”

We do not know if what Google claims is totally true, but that Google Pay, Netflix or Pokmon Go do not work if you do not have Play Protect certification, s. Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturers are still trying to respond to this, and it seems that they will launch their own Android app store.