Facebook takes extreme action against coronavirus

Facebook takes extreme action against coronavirus

There are already more than 37 countries that are affected by the coronavirus and the situation seems to be out of control, which will force the World Health Organization (WHO) to decree a worldwide pandemic soon.

In addition to the health precautions that the authorities are taking, on the internet a self-regulation has also begun to prevent the spread of false news about Covid-19.

That's why Facebook reaffirmed its commitment to avoid fake news and misinformation, and confirmed that ban all ads on its platform that show miracle medicines, cures and potions to eliminate the coronavirus.

"We recently implemented a policy to ban ads that refer to the coronavirus and create a sense of urgency, such as implying a limited supply or ensuring a cure or prevention," the company told the site. Business Insider, "We also have policies for surfaces such as Marketplace that prohibit similar behavior."

This is very much the same as Amazon, which also announced these days that it will suppress any notice of sale of products that promise to combat Covid-19.

But in addition, Facebook is doubling its efforts to have fact verifiers available, to confirm that the news circulating in the user news feed does not contain fake news about the disease.

Facebook buys a virtual reality game maker

On the other hand, Facebook also announced the incorporation into its product portfolio of Sanzaru Games, the studio behind the virtual reality action and adventure RPGAsgard’s Wrath.

Mike Verdu, director of AR / VR content for Facebook, hasannounced Acquisition in a publication on the Oculus website.

“Sanzaru is a veteran game developer, who has sent games to multiple platforms in the past, and also a pioneer of virtual reality: they have created four titles for the Oculus platform since 2016, when they were the first developer to partner with the team from Oculus Studios. ( Ripcoil,VR Sports Challenge,MARVEL Powers United VR,Asgard’s Wrath) .With Facebook's latest advances in virtual reality technology, Sanzaru can easily explore a future of rich and immersive original virtual reality content, ”was the statement to justify the purchase.

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