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DW makes fun of CNN because he doesn't know the borders of Europe

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  • The coronavirus spreads in Europe and the alerts light up in the region

  • CNN talks about closing the borders between Germany and Italy, which do not exist

  • Germany's public news network, DW, responded on Twitter with emojis

Deutsche Welle, better known as DW, is the German international public broadcaster. The service is available in 30 languages ​​and includes, through satellite television, English, German, Spanish and Arabic channels.

CNN is an American pay-TV channel focused on the news broadcast owned by WarnerMedia, of AT&T. It was founded in 1980 by media mogul Ted Turner as a 24-hour cable news channel.

As can be seen, both news channels are real heavyweight of international media, that is why the dispute that arose in social networks when Deutsche Welle responded with emojis to a news from CNN International regarding the progress of the coronavirus in Europe.

That's right, CNN, on Twitter, published a story in which it says that Germany is not considering closing its borders with Italy, the country where the most coronavirus has spread in Europe.

Germany does not plan to cut travel links with Italy.

The text refers to the statements of the press representative of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The CNN International publication and the DW News response.

The DW community manager, quick response, responded to the post of his CNN peer with doubt emoji, leaving in evidence the absence of borders between both countries.

This occurs when the outbreak in Italy experienced an increase in the number of confirmed cases from three to more than 200 over the weekend. "There are no warnings for those traveling to Italy and we do not intend to issue alerts," said the Teutn Ministry.

The German Ministry of Health said Monday that the danger to the German population due to the coronavirus remains low. However, I also warned that this evaluation "may change in the short term."

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