Download WhatsApp States with a Xiaomi

If you have a Xiaomi in your possession, you should download the new version of the browser. This new update allows download WhatsApp States, as well as quickly access our Facebook feed.

Xiaomi has two browsers, one of the customization layer called Browser Mint (it can be downloaded from the Play Store even if the mobile is not a Xiaomi) and another known as My Browser that is natively integrated into MIUI, and who is the protagonist of this article.

How to change the icons of a Xiaomi

This second browser shares its design with that of the Mint version that we have already mentioned.

That search engine works directly with Bing and if we access it, we see how it allows us to see our Facebook feed without downloading the Facebook app.

Image - Download WhatsApp States with a Xiaomi

This is how Xiaomi wants to accelerate some procedures in order for the user to have a best experience using your services and access your favorite social network more directly.

Apart from Facebook, this update of the official Xiaomi browser warns us that we can save WhatsApp states automatically, whether photos or videos.

WhatsApp states, like Instagram Stories, disappear after 24 hours. As the option to save them allows users to enjoy them as long as they want.

To achieve this, you must access our WhatsApp through the icon of the app that appears to the right of the My Browser search bar.

Image - Download WhatsApp States with a Xiaomi

WhatsApp saves the States in a hidden folder, because now, by allowing My Browser to save them, we will have them on hand whenever we want.

But for this to be possible, we must allow the Xiaomi browser to access our galley.

Apart from all this, the new official Xiaomi browser It brings dark mode, incognito mode and other mode to save data when browsing.

We can get this browser by downloading it from the Google Play Store on all compatible devices: