Do you know how to avoid identity theft on the net?

Do you know how to avoid identity theft on the net?

Personal data is more exposed than we often believe, and unfortunately we don't realize until some problem arises. Hence the importance of knowing how to avoid identity theft. There are different ways to protect our personal data such as your social security number, your bank details and others equally important.

After all, in 2016 alone, there were more than 15 million cases of identity fraud in the US. And that number has grown steadily every year since then. It is a form of rapid growth crime that can affect anyone.

You can stay safe from data breach and identity theft, something that can happen simply when a website you use regularly suffers an attack. On the other hand, a lower service may put your information at risk. For example, Equifax, one of the three large credit monitoring agencies, suffered five major data breaches in 2017 and did very little to help affected clients, leaving many of them unprotected and without guilt.

It is important to use a service that is reliable and that detects any problem as soon as possible, very similar to how good antivirus software detects a problem before it really becomes a problem.

We have researched dozens of options, we have read many reviews and customer ratings, all in an attempt to find the best protection. For a “Premium” solution, we believe that Norton 360 with LifeLock It is the best that exists, thanks to its ease of use and good price. There are also other excellent options such as McAfeee Identity Theft Protection Standard, for those users with a limited budget, or Credit Karma for when you want a free solution.

Norton LifeLock website screen and how to prevent identity theftLifeLock website

Why do we choose LifeLock?

LifeLock had a difficult time a few years ago, but since it became a subsidiary of Symantec (better known for its Norton antivirus software), it has been strengthening. In particular, he has an excellent family plan with the option of extending his protection against identity theft to his children through LifeLock Juner and an additional fee of $ 66 dollars per year. The basic package Norton 360 with LifeLock It starts at $ 9 per month during the first year and monitors every time your personal information appears in credit agreements or in the dark web. It also detects changes in the postal service address (USPS), and any false information related to your identity, also has a service VPNfor up to 5 devices so that your browsing history is protected.

Upgrade to the package Advantage at a somewhat more expensive price of $ 18 per month during the first year and you will also be informed if your name appears in court records, when there are large purchases based on your accounts, or if there are large-scale data breaches in your insurance company or employer. VPN functionality is also increased to 10 devices.

There is only credit monitoring for an office unless you escalate to the membership Ultimate Plus (at $ 26 per month during the first year) but if you appreciate the peace of mind that comes with the use of a service that also owns many of your favorite security software, it's a good price. It has also increased the reimbursement or compensation of stolen funds up to $ 1 million, compared to the most economical package that offers only $ 25,000.


IdentityForce screen image and how to prevent identity theftIdentityForce website

Why do we choose IdentityForce?

IdentityForce monitors a large amount of information, no matter what plan you choose. Your basic plan UltraSecure It works for $ 15 dollars a month during the first year, and be aware of fraud monitoring, address changes in your data, if the court records have your data, loan checks on paydays and even if any of the People listed on the sex offender registry list change your address near your home. There is also identity monitoring on social networks so you know immediately if someone is trying to pretend to be the one online.

In addition, there is tracking of the social security number, bank and credit card activity, protection against medical identification fraud and alerts of everything possible. It is easy and safe to use as well, thanks to a convenient mobile application and two-factor authentication so you never have to worry about someone else accessing your account. Its application is a key reason why we believe it is the best for mobile use, since it is very convenient for when you are not in front of your computer.

Upgrade to UltraSecure + Credit for $ 20 per month during the first year, and you will also get credit monitoring from three offices, extensive credit reports and scores, along with a credit score simulator.


McAfee Identity Theft Protection website and how to prevent identity theftMcAfee website

Why do we choose McAfee Identity Theft Protection?

Just as McAfee offers simple and direct antivirus software, McAfee Identity Theft Protection is equally ideal for those who want something that just works and don't have to negotiate on complex websites. It has a very high price with the standard package that only costs $ 1 dollars during the first month before going up to $ 8 dollars per month. For the price, McAfee scan online black markets like dark web and inform you if your information has been exposed. It will also track posts on social networks that could affect your reputation. Along with that, there is social security number monitoring, credit reports and tracking of address changes in your data so you know what is happening at all times.

Upgrade to Identity Theft Protection Plus for $ 5 dollars during the first month and then $ 15 dollars for each subsequent month, and you will also get an annual credit report, monitoring of judicial and criminal records, along with the follow-up of payday loans that are not always done through verifications Credit Update the package even more Premium for $ 10 dollars during the first month and $ 24 dollars per month for all the following months, and also to detect if your data appears in the credit card applications, if someone is trying to take over your bank account, and if any new sex offender has registered in your area.