Dismantling the Motorola Razr shows that it is very difficult to repair ┬╗ERdC

Dismantling the Motorola Razr shows that it is very difficult to repair ┬╗ERdC

Dismantling the Motorola Razr shows that it is very difficult to repair

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Motorola recently made an official announcement of its first folding Smartphone; This is about the Motorola Razr. Subsequently, there is a delay in the launch of the device to the market; This is finally for sale. The sending was originally scheduled to take place on February 25; However, despite this, it seems some units of the device have already been sent.

Recently the Motorola Razr disassembly was seen; thus being able to appreciate the internal parts of the device. According to the disassembly video, which is courtesy of PBKreviews; the Motorola Razr It has two batteries and a thin screen panel. The Smartphone has a large number of screws that take care of holding many parts of it; which makes the device seem quite difficult to repair.

There also seems to be a complicated task to reach the thin panel of 6.2 inches; since you need to navigate through numerous cables, screws and components. According to the reports that have emerged in this regard; It is also difficult to remove the front cover that houses the screen.

Together with a custom lever, and carefully; You also need a good amount of heat to make sure that the glue that holds it together loses its grip. In a video you can also see the two batteries of the Smartphone placed on both sides of the hinge.

Although the device's reparability score is not very favorable; the cost for repairing this may not be very high. The company declared that it would charge $ 299 to make the screen replacement; which, according to Motorola, is prone to bumps and bumps.

Therefore it seems quite profitable taking into consideration that it is a device that It costs $ 1500 in the market. In contrast to Motorola, Samsung set the price for the Screen replacement of your Galaxy Fold Smartphone; at $ 599, and the device sells for approximately $ 2000.

Although the reparability of the device is complicated, as long as Motorola provides facilities to its users so that it can be executed; This should not create repercussions for the device owners. Hopefully the company is aware and consideratewith its users in this aspect; as it has been shown recently. For any new information that is emerging over the course of the days; We will be attentive to make it come to you.


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