Cyberattack: they pretended to be women to spy on the phone numbers of Israeli soldiers

Cyberattack: they pretended to be women to spy on the phone numbers of Israeli soldiers

One of the photos used by Hams to fool the Israeli soldiers

Espionage in times of cyberramor has lived a curious chapter in one of the great world conflicts.

Hams, the Palestinian militant group, found a striking gap to sneak into the phones of dozens of soldiers of the army of its sworn enemy: Israel.

And it was as easy as
impersonate women.

According confirm
Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli army spokesman, dozens of soldiers were affected by the hoax, although he said there was no "significant violation of information" before it was discovered.

Conricus indicated that it is the third attempt of this kind in recent years by Hamas to infiltrate the phones of Israeli soldiers.

However, in his opinion, he has been the most sophisticated so far.

"We see that, of course, they are learning and improving their game," he said.

How did the mechanism work?

According to Conricus, Hamas hackers dressed up as young women and spoke an imperfect Hebrew.

To be more convincing, they claimed to be immigrants or have visual or hearing impairments.

After making friends, the "women" sent links that, as they say, would allow them to exchange photos.

Actually, they have soldiers download malware, a program that can attack smartphones or computing devices.

Once they opened the link, the program installed a virus that gave the hacker access to phone data, including location, images and contacts.

They can also remotely manipulate the phone, using it to take photos and recordings without the owner's knowledge.

How was it discovered?

Israel did not give details of the way in which telephone espionage was discovered or the type of security information that was compromised.

However, Conricus assured that
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had discovered the plot several months ago, but had let it continue under surveillance until it was finally completed.