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Customize and share your wallpapers with the new MyWall manager


The changing of the wallpaper every bit has become almost a necessity in order to give more variety to our day to day. That's why new apps likeor MyWall can come in handy to give that effect it is necessary or even to extract the colors and then apply them to a specific subject.

That is, if you are looking for an app to manage those wallpapers that you have stored in the internal memory of your mobile and that you want to improve in any of the ways, this new app developed by a developer of XDA Developers It is more than perfect. We will show you the ins and outs of it to get to know it more closely.

A very light wallpaper manager

My wall

One of the points so MyWall stands out because of the low weight of the app and for optimizing our wallpapers so that they are not heavy. That is, it is able to optimize an image without losing any quality and it costs the system nothing to cope with. You already know that loading an image of so many MBs can make an extra in the consumption of the battery just like RAM, so it is interesting not to overload the system with a wallpaper that weighs its megabytes.

Another of MyWall's punctures is his ability to extract the predominant colors in the wallpapers and give us hexadecimal values of them and then use them in other apps. One of those that comes to mind quickly is a new Samsung that allows us to customize the theme with specific colors. And although it also has a color extractor, we may need more values ??to create the theme ourselves. We talked about Theme Park and that this app can come with pearls to improve those personalized themes.

But just like those hexadecimal values ??can serve us for a quality launcher in which they allow us to enter that data to match the design of our wallpaper with the rest of the visual elements on the desktop, status bar or navigation bars if we have not yet deleted them to use the new Android 10; the same as One UI 2.0 and that we show you in this video.

The effects and filters of MyWall

My wall

Apart from being able to extract the colors of the wallpapers, MyWall allows us modify the wallpapers to some extent. We have on the one hand the option to blur the wallpaper, as well as the ability to accentuate the colors of the wallpaper so that it looks a little more. It also has a black and white filter to use gray on the wallpaper, and the ability to apply a snow and winter effect to it.

From the settings we can activate more options such as the gradient, fading animation, the estimation of wallpaper or deactivate the algorithm that is responsible for tuning in the color palette. And of course, we can share the wallpapers with friends from the same application so that everything is easy.

Another detail to keep in mind of this free app, is that you are not going to have to pay any extra for the same or see advertising. That is, you have it completely free to use it as you please. So it is placed in a very special position to enjoy a wallpaper manager that will allow us some customization to complement it with other apps such as those of Samsung or that launcher that you use that asks you for the hexadecimals of certain elements on the screen.

A new wallpaper manager called MyWall and that looks very good. We may miss other features, but for what it weighs and for everything it gives for free, it is an alternative to take into account for our day to day with all those wallpapers that we have on the mobile.

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