I Love Hue Too

Breathe tranquility in the I Love Hue Too color puzzle

I Love Hue Too is a new puzzle of colors which is the second edition of the one that was launched in 2017 and that brought our attention to the relaxed and good vibes generated by throwing a game. A puzzle like no other and if you forget about time and your daily rhythm, your pulse will relax to succumb to your gameplay.

We already talked about him in his day, and this time his second edition arrives. I Love Hue Too is a puzzle dedicated to colors and that designers will appreciate, although its audience can be anyone. A game based on the gradient colors and in which we will have to combine them to recreate them as is.

An original game that relaxes our mind

I love hue too

In these days of stress and in which everything goes very fast, to be able to breathe calmly while we are intuiting each one of the tones that must be placed in the right place to form that gradient of colors, is, let's say, an experience in itself.

I love hue too

Our goal is to create the proper order of chaos It originates when we start the level. That is to say, all those well-ordered gradients are messed up so that with our fingers we can reposition them in their original place and match their previous and subsequent color tone.

Gradients that go from all that wide range of shades of colors so that we take our time to go looking for the right place to combine it. Luckily we will be able to keep the color on our finger so that we can find its right place, since if it would not be a rather complicated task even for one who has good knowledge of color theory.

The theory of color as a basic mechanic in I Love Hue Too

I love hue too

We will not only have to look for the previous and next tone to place one, but the geometry comes into play so that their direction changes and we even have to look for the concordance in the corners and sides.

That is, we have a puzzle made and right to entertain for weeks, and we have over 900 levels to play. So you are going to have to use all your powers of perception and logic to complete one after the other.

Of course, if you are blocked you can pull the three tracks that will add points to the final score, although at least you can progress. And there are some levels that will not be so easy and with which we will have to take all the patience in our hand to finish it.

Different modes with its more than 900 levels

I love hue too

There are several game modes such as The Dream, or in which we can test our skills with daily divination. Six new environments with a soundtrack that forces us to put on headphones to enjoy all the simple and relaxing experience of our own.

I Love Hue Too is a puzzle like no other add more quality to the first and that was launched in 2017. It consists of smooth animations and those transitions that add up to itself a whole gaming experience and that we recommend from here. If you want to calm down with your mobile, I Love Hue Too is the perfect game. In style, although more for techno music, do not miss OCO.

I Love Hue Too arrives to become the best puzzle game of colors and that is essential for any designer or creative. With the theory of color in hand you will be able to enjoy fiddling with hundreds of colors to find their gradients and those concordances that will give moments full of joy. And if you block yourself, patience and to pull the tracks, since at least they also have their advice so that we don't despair, since there will be times when it will be difficult to distinguish between several tones that seem almost equal.