Telegram is updated: better notifications and improvements in Passport

better notifications and improvements in Passport

New update from Telegram, perhaps the best instant messaging app in terms of features. This time we arrived at version 4.91, which introduces few improvements but some of them very demanded due to certain controversies.

Exceptions in notifications and a more secure Passport

Telegram is updated: better notifications and improvements in Passport

The first section in which we see important changes is in the notifications, which gives us the possibility of making exceptions. Going to the settings of the app we will see a section called “Exceptions”, in which we can manage everything that notifications do for certain users, preferably with the ones you usually talk to most.

Telegram is updated: better notifications and improvements in Passport

If we select the user in question, we can see a series of predefined options, such as silence for one hour, two days, disable notifications completely … The interesting thing is that if we click on "Customize", we can change almost any section of these notifications. In addition, if we add it to the basic Android Oreo settings (with notification channels), we will have many possibilities for all our contacts.

Telegram Passport has also taken much of improvements. The document storage service was harshly criticized when it was learned that it was not as safe as it proclaimed, and so The hash algorithm of your passwords has changed. That is, now the algorithm that stores your passwords has been improved so the service will be more secure. In addition, it will accept more types of documents, such as those translated.

From the desktop version, the possibility comes of exporting conversations. We can export a conversation, and also improve their themes day and night. Of course, the security improvements that Passport now has in Telegram for Android are also fortunately the desktop version. The update has already been released, so you should already be able to install it on your Android or iOS.