Are you ready for a smartwatch with 25 days of battery?

Are you ready for a smartwatch with 25 days of battery?

One of the central categories of any smartwatch that boasts as such, is that in addition to giving good information and having a useful notification gallery on the screen, it has a high-end GPS system, especially for those They like sports and going for a run.

And if we add to that a great battery life and a well-finished design, plus a medical price, that gives a fairly convenient combination.

That is at least what Timex intends to do, which launched the new Timex Ironman R300 GPS smart watch, with a screen always on, heart rate monitoring, vibrating alarm, tapscreen technology, detail of sleep quality and water resistance up to 30 meters.

Timex new Ironman watch

The brand defines this new wearable:

“GPS TIMEX IRONMAN R300 comes with a constant improvement. Too much, but not too expensive, this smart watch comes with a powerful battery, guided training of athletes and lite trainers, continuous peak monitoring of the cardiac rhythm and more, providing a range of performance metrics to help you adjust your workouts and reach your career goals The sunlight-readable display, the simple user interface and the rugged mobile connectivity come together for a smart watch made for sports that will have no trouble keeping up with it. ”

Perhaps the most surprising feature is that your battery can last 25 continuous days, however, the trap is that the requirement for the smartwatch to last so long on is that the GPS is not used, which is one of the central functions of the same.

But as revealed in his message on the official website, Timex ac is betting on the entry price of the Ironman R3000 GPS, since being only $ 120 dollars, much more accessible than any competing smartwatch with the same characteristics .

For example, the Garmin, Suunto, Fitbit, Apple Watch are in a price range close to $ 400 dollars. Therefore, apparently the advantages are in sight.

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