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Apple services will exceed the iPhone in revenue in 2025

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Apple sails. In the last six months their actions have not stopped rising, and At the end of fiscal year 2019, its income from services had already been placed in second position within the company, only behind the iPhone. This brings us to the last report issued by the NASDAQ, which has analyzed the figures that the bitten apple company has handled and has revealed that The growth of this sector has been 21% in the last 5 years compared to only 7% growth in regards to the iPhone. To collect this data the agency has operated with the few figures that Apple provides externally, and have calculated how much they rise its income for its services, the figure being 46,000 million dollars.

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Some really high numbers and that demonstrate the power that Apple currently has. Within your service income, Its main source is the App Store, 15,000 of the 46,000 million, in second place are Apple licenses with 10,000 million and in third a miscellaneous that includes among others the services of Apple Care.

In the NASDAQ report they talk about a billing increase to 89,000 million in Apple services by 2025, based on the current growth that is suffering. With that volume of billing, and expecting that the profit margins of Apple remain the same in 5 years than today, this will mean that Apple's net revenue for services will be 56,000 million. Comparing this with the net profit that remains of the iPhone (the iPhone being around 32%, compared to 63% of the services) will mean that by 2025 the net volume of profit of the services will have surpassed by almost 3,000 million that of the iPhone.

In five years we can see how services will be the most important thing for Apple, even ahead of the iPhone.

With terminals that last longer, and users less willing to renew their devices annually, Apple has been able to react on time and expand towards offering services so as not to be so dependent on the iPhone. In this way, although their devices do not generate so many benefits, the consumption of their services continue to grow, thus ensuring a good future.