Apple opens third-party applications as default

Apple opens third-party applications as default

Users and authorities have equally criticized the rigidity of Apple, which dates from the appearance of the App Store in 2008, to allow third-party applications on their mobile devices as default.

However, that may change very soon on iPhone phones, iPad tablets and HomePod speakers, according to Bloomberg, who merely quotes people familiar with the matter, whose identities were reserved.

The technology giant is considering allowing users to choose a third-party web browser and mail applications as their default options on Apple's mobile devices, replacing the company's email application, the chronicle said.

In fact, the browser and mail are some of the most used applications on mobile devices of the Cupertino brand, which does not give them space as default to Google Chrome, Firefox, Gmail or Microsoft Outlook.

By clicking on any link on an iPhone or an iPad, Bloomberg record, the team automatically deploys its Safari application. Something similar happens when you click on an email address: Apple Mail opens and there are no options to change it.

The California-based company is also considering easing restrictions on third-party music applications, including its main streaming rival Spotify Technology SA, at HomePod, said the people, who asked not to be named, who knew the internal deliberations, he said. The same publication.

Apple's inflexible policy towards its users has been the subject of discussion of antitrust panels in the US House of Representatives. Lawmakers have debated the impossibility of choosing other browsers, as well as map, email and music applications.

Being a default application on the world's best-selling smart phone is valuable because consumers are subtly persuaded and pushed to use established software instead of alternatives. Keeping users tied to Apple services is important to the company, as the growth in demand for smart phones slows down and sales of music, video, cloud storage and other subscriptions represent a higher proportion of revenue Totals of the iPhone manufacturer, Bloomberg postul.

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