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Apple may allow users to use another browser and mail app by default in iOS

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Apple has always been characterized as a company that prioritizes its services over those of the competition, especially if we talk about iOS. In Apple's mobile operating system we can install thousands of email applications or internet browsers, however Apple's official ones are the ones that are set by default and cannot be changed.

This means that if you click on a link that has been sent to you, this link will open in Safari, and the same happens if you want to send something you found by email, the system app is the one that appears. But this may change as it has just reported BloombergApple may be changing its mentality and is thinking of giving users the possibility of Choose both the browser and the mail app that you want to use by default on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple may open its system

According to the information, it is more than likely that with the next major iOS update, probably iOS 14, Apple will open its system partially to other developers and allow users to choose some third-party applications as default apps of the system.

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But not only that, besides, Bloomberg reports Apple is also considering opening HomePod to third-party music services like Spotify. Currently HomePod can only interact natively with Apple Music, to play content from other platforms you must send it via Bluetooth from your iPhone or iPad.

This is great news that give users more freedom when choosing the apps they like, although it is true that Apple allows any mail app or internet browser, there are certain moments when the system apps appear ahead.

However, Bloomberg emphasizes that this Apple idea is still in development and that "no final decisions have been made," so it may still take some time to see this change.