Apple is patenting something with a lot of glass

Apple is patenting something with a lot of glass

Apple will be working on a very particular device. A new filtration showed that glass will be the predominant material at the next launch of Cupertino's.

"Electronic device with glass housing" was entered into the US Patent Office under number 20200057525, and which describes an iPhone comprising "a six-sided glass housing".

This impressive finding will confirm that Apple wants to change everything we know about the orientation of the cell phone, since it will be a mobile phone without borders, with a touch screen everywhere that will show the applications, notifications and others.

This is shown in the following image:

patent new iPhone completely glass

“Conventionally, glass has been used in said devices to provide a transparent window on a touch screen on the front of the device. However, here are described electronic devices with enclosures that use glass to define multiple sides of the cabinet … In such cases, the cabinet can appear visually and tactilely without seams, so that the entire cabinet can be formed from a single piece of glass ( although it can be made up of multiple separate pieces joined together), ”the document said.

But there is more, since the patent continues detailing that all glass coverage can be functional.

“Cabinets that have glass that defines multiple sides of the cabinet can facilitate or enable numerous additional functions and uses that are not made with conventional cabinets. For example, the back and sides of glass can be transparent, which allows the electronic device to include additional screens that can be seen through the sides and / or the back. In addition, the side and rear view screens can be made touch and / or force sensitive using touch and / or force detection systems, effectively converting the side and rear surfaces into additional input devices or surfaces with which a user can interact to control the electronic device, ”added the text.

iPhone glass patent 2

The accredited inventors Christopher D. Perst and Peter N. Russell-Clarke also commented on the possible new iPhone: “The idea of ​​moving away from the front, side and rear notions on the phone is to minimize such distinctions to form a functional visualization region. and visually unified that encompasses multiple surfaces. ”

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