AOC opens to 4K with a new 24-inch screen

AOC opens to 4K with a new 24-inch screen

The screen specialist AOC presents a new model that incorporates 4K technology in a compact format so you can be at any desk both at home and in the office. The AOC U2477PWQ model With a reduced size of 24 (59.9 cm) and a 4K screen it offers users an impressive resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Its PLS panel offers the best color uniformity from any angle and takes full advantage of the RGB color range. The ultra fast HDMI 2.0 ensures a broadband of up to 18Gb, which allows a fluid viewing of videos4K, for example, when connected to a 4K Blu-ray player, a 4K recorder or 4K gaming.

The monitor has a timeless design, with a transparent base which makes it an attractive element for any user's desktop both in the professional field and for use at home.

Impressive 4K resolution in a practical size

Many users have become accustomed to screens with high pixel density, such as those in their smart phones, so they do not want to give up image quality on their monitor screens. However, most 4K screens with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels come only in large monitor sizes that do not necessarily fit into smaller offices.

The new AOC U2477PWQ offers a compact solution for everyone: with its 24 ″ screen size the monitor is an ideal choice for users looking for a 4K solution, but they don't have a big office or desk. In addition, it is compatible with the new Windows 10 operating system that makes the detection and creation of 4K resolution materials much more intuitive, so the use of 4K becomes a simpler action with monitors of all sizes and formats.

The PLS panel offers vivid and accurate color reproduction and comes with wide viewing angles of 178/178 – both horizontally and vertically. LPLS panels offer good color uniformity at any viewing angle. It also supports 8-bit colors and the RGB color range which completes the high performance of this screen.

The U2477PWQ offers the user the perfect image display, making it ideal for professional users such as graphic designers, photographers and filmmakers who prefer a smaller screen size. Also ambitious domestic users will find in this model the ideal solution for private photo and video editing. Even if the tasks require a long time job, the screen offers a useful technology to avoid eye fatigue in the user: thanks to Flicker-free or flicker-free technology that helps reduce the barely noticeable, but inevitable flickering of the screens .

The elegant design of the screen makes it a true point of attraction in every workplace. With its textured finish and transparent support, the screen combines timelessness and modernity.

Several ergonomic options complete the service provision: the user can adjust the height, using the pivot function to find the ideal place for a healthy posture. And the monitor is very well equipped with advanced connectors. In addition to the ultra-fast HDMI 2.0 input that increases bandwidth significantly up to 18 Gb / s and allows 60 fps of MHL 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 video playback are also included. The MHL technology allows users to view the contents of a smartphone or tablet while charging at the same time.

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