Ankora, a high quality Spanish Android game

Ankora, a Spanish Android game that you have to download

There are many games that come out every day but when we meet a spanish android game The quality of Ankora can only be recommended.

This proposal offers us many hours of fun on mobile phones or tablets, with a casual and youthful aesthetic that nevertheless denotes design hours.

In addition to being able to install it without paying to try it is something that we strongly recommend.

Ankora, a high quality Spanish Android game

A game of creation and discovery

In the game we will control the protagonist, Mûn, who is a space traveler who has crashed her ship and we must help repair it.

To do this we will have to use tools such as a hammer to build structures, a shovel to modify the terrain, a saw and also weapons like a spear and a bow to defend ourselves.

Ankora, a high quality Spanish Android game

As if that were not enough we can collect objects and materials that we can mix in different ways to obtain food or new devices.

We will relate to a species of the planet, the ANK, a race that is divided into different groups, each dedicated to a different function: farmers, fishermen, merchants, craftsmen, hunters and sages.

Interacting with them we can move forward in our task of fixing the ship.

Ankora, a high quality Spanish Android game

With touches of role

We must also take into account the cycle of day and night that will influence what is happening in each of the 144 quadrants in which we can venture.

Our character will be affected by the energy he has in each moment, having to sleep to recover it, for the life that he subtracts us as well as for the experience.

We will have four parameters to improve:

  • Strength
  • Resistance
  • Intelligence
  • Skill

And we will also have to take into account aspects such as hunger, thirst, cold and fatigue, which will limit what we decide to do.