Android Go Apps vs Regular Apps: What's the difference?

Android Go Apps vs Regular Apps: What's the difference?

You must have heard of Android Go, right? That Android variant for entry-level Android smartphones? Well, Google, in preparation for Android, Go has been launching a number of Go applications that are supposed to be lighter in resources and also use less data to run smoothly on smartphones priced between $ 50 and $ 80 Well, we decided to check if Android Go apps really do what Google says they do. So, we install Android Go applications on our phones and compare them to normal Google applications to see what the difference is.

1. Google Go vs Google

First, he tested the Google Go application, which is supposed to be much lighter in the system and offers the most useful features of the usual Google application. The application is clearly designed to look simple and has features such as voice search, maps, GIFS and even Google translator. All that for an installed application size of only 12MB! In comparison, the Google's regular application occupies about 166MB . That's crazy. Sure, Google Go doesn't have features like Google Feed, but that's really good if you consider the space you're saving, and many people don't use Google Feed anyway.

Google Go (left) vs Google (right)

Apart from that, Google Go has virtually all the features you would expect in the Google application. Not only that, Google Go uses much less RAM than the Google application. In my tests, I found that Google Go used approximately 61MB of RAM on average, while the Google application used a whopping 250MB! Try using RAM using ADB, so you can count on the results to be quite accurate.

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2. Google Maps Go vs Google Maps

After Google Go, I went to Maps Go, an application that I found especially interesting because the APK had only a size of 0.09MB . Just let it sink a little. By way of comparison, the Regular application of maps is 48 MB massive … It's not massive, but compared to Maps Go, well … do you understand what I mean? The Maps Go application offers many of the functions of the regular Maps application, including real-time location sharing! What? That's crazy, okay? I mean, Maps Go occupies only 221 KB after installation, compared to Maps, which occupies 135 megabytes!

Google Maps Go (left) vs Google Maps (right)

However, that incredibly small size has a great price. The Maps Go application does not support navigation . I mean, I can get directions but I can't go from directions to navigation in real time and that's a big change for me. However, it has that impressive feature of the Google Maps web application, where you can get traffic information for different times of the day to plan your trip accordingly. I want to say that it is a feature that I would like to have the regular Google Maps application.

In terms of RAM usage too, Maps Go is amazing. Us only 3.5MB of RAM on average compared to Google Maps, which used a whopping 183MB. The way forward, Google.

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3. Go files

Now, while Google does not offer a native File Manager on its devices, there is the tedious method of going through the Download Manager application and then browsing through Internal Storage and more. But as for Android Go devices, Google has been generous in launching Files Go, which you may remember that it became very popular when it was launched, thanks to its Airdrop file transfer function.

Google Files Go