All this we can see in the Apple event on March 31

All this we can see in the Apple event on March 31

If the rumors are true, Apple is preparing a lot of new products. And we don't just talk about better functions and minor adjustments. It is said that completely new devices come, such as an iPhones SE 2 and search engines called AirTags; There are even those who say that Apple will launch a redesigned MacBook Pro with a new keyboard. We hope to see some of these devices before others, but it seems that a large number is just around the corner. In fact, from the haze a date has emerged for the next major Apple event: March 31, 2020.

Everything seems to indicate that it is an important event, focused largely on equipment to compensate for Apple's recent emphasis on its services such as Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade. We tell you below everything we expect the giant of Cupertino to announce that day.

When and where will it take place?

Tim Cook at the Apple eventStephen Lam / Stringer / Getty Images

Apple has held an event in March almost every year since launching the Apple Watch on March 9, 2015 (2017 being the only exception). In 2016, the event fell on March 21; then it was March 27, 2018 and March 25, 2019. Taking into account the pattern established in recent years, a date at the end of the month seems to be the trend.

The German site reaffirmed that theory when it said that Apple had determined on March 31 for its next event (goes MacRumors). The site said its information came directly from the Apple environment and that an iPhone SE 2 the successor to the 2016 iPhone SE could go on sale on April 3 (we'll talk about that later).

The date of the event has not yet been confirmed by Apple (not surprisingly, considering that the Cupertino firm never confirms its events in advance, rather than inviting the media), but falls within a period in which it will be reasonable to wait an Apple event. Of course, as long as it is not postponed or canceled due to concerns about the recent outbreak of coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19), which already left the Mobile World Congress 2020 out of action.

We still don't know the details about where the Apple event will take place, but we can speculate based on the experience. Apple made its 2015 and 2016 events in Cupertino, but in 2018 it went to Chicago. Then, in 2019, I returned to Cupertino. That is why it seems possible that Apple held its March 31 event at its headquarters in Cupertino, specifically at the Steve Jobs Theater (same place where he made his iPhone event in September 2019).

iPhone SE 2: the return of an old favorite

The iPhone 8 was presented at an Apple eventJulian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

The original iPhone SE was an unexpected success, offering a more compact screen than the other Apple iPhones without losing anything in performance. He came to fill a void that remained in the market for small-screen iPhones since Apple launched the iPhone 6 in 2014.

Since Apple discontinued the iPhone SE in 2017 it has been rumored that it worked on a successor, known as iPhone SE 2 or as iPhone 9. Now those rumors sound louder than ever, with numerous reports (including that of Ming-Chi Kuo) that They talk about a launch earlier this year. In general, Kuo is considered to have reliable and well-located sources within Apple's supply chain and has an excellent track record in terms of predictions, so any rumor that has its seal of approval must be taken seriously.

Considering that the original iPhone SE includes the same processor as the iPhone 6s, its contemporary, we expect Apple to take a similar approach with the iPhone SE 2. That means we expect an Apple A13 Bionic chip (the same as the iPhone 11 Pro) and reports They claim to come inside the body of an iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch screen. That is a somewhat old design with thick bezels and a physical Start button to use with Touch ID, but that helps reduce costs.

And speaking of prices, Kuo has predicted that the iPhone SE 2 will have an initial cost of $ 399 dollars for its most basic model. That statement was supported by an image of the Target store's storage system that mentions an Apple iPod Touch X Generation for $ 399.99, which according to industry analyst Jon Prosser is almost certainly a new iPhone. That is the same price as the original SE iPhones when it went on sale, and is considerably lower than the initial price of the iPhone 11, Apple's cheapest phone currently, at $ 699 dollars.

As we mentioned earlier, believes that the iPhone SE 2 will go on sale on April 3. That's a shorter than normal period: generally, Apple lets at least a week pass between the announcement of a new iPhone and its availability date, so the date of April 3, just three days after the alleged 31st event March, it seems something soon.

A fully redesigned MacBook Pro 13

The MacBook Pro 16 was presented at an Apple eventRiley Young

When Apple launched the MacBook Pro 16 at the end of 2019, it had a reception in Africa. Digital Trends to declare it the best Mac in years, not because it did anything really revolutionary, but because of the many adjustments that corrected almost all the long-standing complaints we had of Apple's flagship laptop. The new keyboard felt amazing, the speakers were fantastic and the thinner bezels were modern and enveloping. It even had a redesigned thermal architecture that made throttling A thing of the past.

Seeing the positive reception he had, it will be unthinkable that Apple will not bring these changes to its smaller MacBook Pro. According to several reports, including one from DigiTimes and respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to do just that during the first half of 2020, which may well mean that we will see it at the March 31 event.

As for the cost, we expect the new MacBook Pro 13 to start with the same price of $ 1,299 dollars of the current model. When Apple released the MacBook Pro 16, it retained exactly the same price as the entry level MacBook Pro 15, which was impressive considering the new features and the form factor. The company is likely to do the same with the younger sister of the laptop.

AirTags to take care of your stuff

The Find My app that we can see in action at the Apple event

There seems to be solid evidence that demonstrates the existence of the AirTags, a Tile-style search device that helps you find lost items. The iOS 13 code contains references to this product, indicating that it will work in conjunction with the Find My application, which will allow you to press a button for the AirTags to emit a sound. They may even work with augmented reality, with a red balloon appearing on the screen of your iPhone to indicate the position of the lost item.