All about Comunio, football manager, and Comuniazo, your great community

Do you like football and don't know Comunio? Discover all about the number one sports manager application.

The first thing we have to do is create an account, if you do not have one, if you do not remember having created an account in the past it is best to do a quick search in your email before creating a new account. Once the first question is resolved, we continue.

The official application needs a restilling of the good ones, it has a retro air that we do not know if it is good or bad … we will talk about the functionality later. If you want to register you can do it from the official application, click on Create Account and add the data requested.


At this point in the championship you will not have problems accessing the application but oh my friend! As things change within weeks of starting the league, it is virtually impossible to enter the application to finish the template or configure the first alignments. This has a solution: pay, if you are a pro user you will have access to a private server with which they guarantee you can access Comunio.

Is it worth being Plus Player in Comunio? What happens with Comuniazo?

The version Plus Player The application costs almost 15 euros and offers some additional features especially if you are an advanced player. These are the advantages you will have if you are Plus Player:

  • Information about players including market value and points table: This will be useful when buying and selling.
  • Player Status: in your lineup you will see the players who are injured or sanctioned in addition to the points of the last day.
  • Force analysis: Compare the strength of your players with that of other members of your community to know your weaknesses and that of your rivals.
  • Alignment of the other members of your community: You will be able to know the last alignment of your rivals.
  • Priority Access: You will have priority access in server overload hours, for example when points are calculated.

There is still an option where you will have more advantages, it is called Pro Player It costs 17.80 euros throughout the season and what we talked about before you have to add some options such as the maximum number of computer players in the transfer market that is 25 instead of the 13 that have the Basic and Plus Player members.

If you do not want to pay but want to have access to all the additional information of the game you can go through the occasional website that is dedicated exclusively to the game, such as Comuniazo is the best alternative to Comunio. It also provides you with everything you need to know about the community.

Well, once you know the player options that count Communion Let's review the basic rules of the game. Do you remember PC Soccer? As Comunio recovers the essence of the soccer manager par excellence, you have an initial budget of 20,000,000 euros and with them you will have to arm your team to be the one that gets the most points throughout the season.


When accessing for the first time, and later, the main screen that appears is the News section. In it we will find the information related to scores, signings, own lineups and even the best teams of each day.


From here we can know the status of our account, at the top they tell us the millions we have left to sign, and access the entire list of options from the top left.

In that section you can add messages to share with your community, for this you only have to press on the + key located in the lower right, put a Headline and the body of the message. You can also add surveys to make the community more fun.

By the way if what you want to do is create a community or join an existing one you will have to go to die on the web, for now in the mobile version (at least in the basic version) it does not allow us to do so, so arm yourself with Patience on the web and start your own league.

Initial team

At the beginning of the league you will have a random team consisting of: 2 goalkeepers, 4 defenders, 6 midfielders, 3 strikers and 20 million euros to be able to make signings.

To know your equipment and perform the alignment you will have to press on the options key (located in the upper left) and enter Alignment, here you will find the players that make up your squad and the alignment for the next day.