mono iPhone 11

A monkey steals the iPhone 11 from a visitor to the Nashville Zoo

monkey iPhone 11

There are certain times when it is better not to risk your iPhone, and this is undoubtedly one of them. We don't know very well how, a new iPhone 11 in green color finished in the enclosure of araa monkeys from the Nashville Zoo and recovering it has been an odyssey.

The employees of the Nashville Zoo last Wednesday had this strange task: retrieve an iPhone that had fallen into the zoo's araa monkey display. This iPhone had a case with a popsocket, something that allowed the primate to take it and transport it throughout the enclosure without fear of falling to the ground.

This monkey wanted an iPhone

Really we don't have much information about the event, simply what the medium has echoed newschannel5 and the YouTube video that we show you below.

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We do not know how the device arrived at the monkeys enclosure, what we know is that the employees tried to recover it at all costs. In the video you can see how one of the monkeys grabbed the iPhone and held it while walking through the tree branches. While trying to dismantle the phone it fell to the ground from several meters.

Undoubtedly, this situation is an example of the care that must be taken with the iPhone, it is not the first time we hear a story as unlikely as this. A few days ago we told you about the loss and subsequent recovery of an iPhone after having fallen into the sea and having passed a whole week submerged.

You are not always so lucky and in this type of case the iPhone is usually lost, either because it breaks or because it is impossible to recover it. So we recommend that be careful and hold your iPhone firmly when you are in this kind of situations.