A bartender robot makes custom drinks according to 5 personality traits revealed by the profile on Facebook

A bartender robot makes custom drinks according to 5 personality traits revealed by the profile on Facebook

Creativity, going hand in hand with technology, undoubtedly leads many to do things that are never thought of. Such is the case of this group of German designers, who have created a Bartender robot that will make you a personalized drink based on your profile on social networks.

As you read it, since two years ago some researchers from the University of Cambridge have been developing a algorithm that determines the personality of a user according to his Facebook profile based on the messages he likes.

Designers use this algorithm to develop a personalized drink

“We ask ourselves: how can we translate digital data in the physical world?” Simon Frambach, one of the designers of the product team, told Business Insider.

It is then that by using the five great personality traits such as emotional stability, extroversion, openness to experience, kindness and responsibility, the team discovered how to make a psychological analysis based on Facebook data.

base to prepare drinks of the waiter robot

Now comes the fun part

To experiment with the data offered by the analysis made to the profile of the social network, the team has assigned a different alcohol or liquid to each personality trait. In the case of emotional stability it is red from Granada, the extroversion is the lemon juice yellow, the opening to the experience is Curacao blue, kindness is the basil in green liquor, and the responsibility is clear vodka.

"We wanted to create a fresh way for people to visualize their personality … and then drink!" said Frambach.

As for the choice of liquids, the team had to consider the variable density of them in order to keep the colors separated and create a particular image to the drink, it is for this reason that not all are alcoholic.

“We have had to cover the broad spectrum of liquid density because grenadine syrup is very heavy, so it sinks to the bottom. Vodka is the lightest, so it sticks to the top, ”said Frambach. "And, of course, it had to be tasty in most combinations, so it added some sweet things."

Thus, the creators of this new bartender make a connection of users to a terminal that is like an application within Facebook which allows you to see what kind of drink your personality has.

waiter robot is based on facebook data

After starting the session, the Social Bot (the bartender robot) uses the algorithm to process the data it collects from its Facebook page and with them it creates a very personalized and special drink. The valves open and the ingredients begin to flow until they are stacked inside the test tube to form a two-cylinder drink.

“When my friends and I went there for the first time, we all had combinations of similar drinks,” said Frambach. "Probably because we like similar sites on Facebook and share interests in certain things."

drinks according to emotions

Apparently, lovers of funny drinks will have to wait a little longer, because this robot is still in development, and there is no application for it to be used on your mobile device, which means that it is available only in Germany for now.

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