Iphone XR

5 iPhone, 4 Samsung and a Xiaomi

Iphone xr

The past 2019 was, in my view, a wonderful year for the smartphone industry, with models such as Realme 5, Redmi Note 8T or iPhone 11 Pro that have been a before and after in many aspects. And the truth is that At the sales level, it has also been a most interesting year.

Today we are going to show you the list of the 10 best-selling smartphones of the past year 2019, and, as you will see below, there is more of a surprise, but it is striking that Apple has won the game to Samsung in this top 10, but not in total sales.

Apple, undisputed queen of the best-selling mobile phones of 2019

It is no secret that the iPhone XR was a real triumph by Apple. This is your "cheap iPhone", which for the price you have, It is a very good option for those looking for a terminal to get into the Apple ecosystem for everything high, but without spending a thousand euros.

iPhone XR Front

Well, already in September 2019, the sales of this terminal far exceeded those of any other, and now, with the confirmed data, we can say that It was the best-selling terminal of 2019, with 46.3 million units. And here is the complete list.

  • iPhone XR – 46.3 million units
  • iPhone 11 – 37.3 million units
  • Samsung Galaxy A10 – 30.3 million units
  • Samsung Galaxy A50 – 24.2 million units
  • Samsung Galaxy A20 – 19.2 million units
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max – 17.6 million units
  • iPhone 8 – 17.4 million units
  • Redmi Note 7 – 16.4 million units
  • iPhone 11 Pro – 15.5 million units
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Core – 15.2 million units

There are 5 terminals that Apple has put on this list, three of them are the last generation of the company, while the other two are the iPhone 8 and the iPhone XR, of the latest generation of the company. And if you think about it, they are incredible numbers if we consider that the iPhone 11 came out in the final months of the year.

Samsung Galaxy A50 camera application

Samsung, meanwhile, has been the leading company in terms of mid-range, since the 4 devices of the company in this top, belong to this segment, and accompanying the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core are the Galaxy A50, A20 and A10, terminals belonging to its new mid-range family which, as you can see, has succeeded, with the A10 and its 30 million sales at the helm.

Xiaomi has only managed to introduce a terminal in this list, and it has been the Redmi Note 7, which we find curious, considering that the Redmi Note 8 has been on the market for a while now, but that, on the other hand, we think quite logical, since It is one of the best terminals that the company has launched in the mid-range contextualizing it with its year of launch.