Juegos online multijugador 2020

4 awesome new online games for Android 2020

2020 multiplayer online games

We are on February 16 and now We have 4 multiplayer online games released in 2020 They are practically impressive. High quality, which in its category have entered brilliantly and put us in games to fight against other players, can you ask for more?

And as follows the quality of the games that are coming, the truth that this year 2020, at least from gaming from a mobile, it will be highlighted to perhaps lay the foundations of what is yet to come. We go with these four jewels that you cannot miss.

Soon after 2020, Extraordinary Ones arrived, a MOBA in which you will face another 5 players, it has a very extensive map (we are still waiting for more maps to be released) and it has an impressive quality look where you look at it.

Land on Android with all the desire to take away part of the prominence that League of Legends will occupy, so if you are a fan of this kind of games and you have not had the opportunity to try it, it is already taking time to install it. Attention to the menus, since it is the best cover letter before facing other players in games that can take 10 minutes. A fast and intense multiplayer awaits you.

Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA

Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA

Might & Magic Chess Royale

And for my feeling, the best of the four to generate a whole new experience in the battle chess and that allows us to take intense 5-10 minute games. All this seasoned by feeling that you are facing against 99 other players by forming a series of qualifiers in which we have to be as fast as possible to form the best possible team.

While we criticize well the previous mobile game of Might & Magic, in this they have been compensated to be waiting for a great update like May water bring more modes, content, profiles, leagues, achievements and much more. An impressive game that is enjoyed at all times and in which no detail is missing to even have very curious spectators in those games that are defined in a matter of seconds.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Shadowgun War Games

Madfinger Games has launched its new multiplayer online shooter loaded with quality and everything necessary to be able to compete against other current shooter that are almost taking it all; We talk about Call of Duty Mobile because of its similarities in game mechanics.

Shadowgun War Games brings all that sought intensity from the hand of a well-experienced studio in the leadership of mobile games after several high quality titles. Of course, you will need a good mobile to generate all that spectacular graphics for a shooter with very good animations, different heroes with different abilities, and that precision in some details so that the fighting is very intense.