10 tricks to be the best in Pokmon Masters

10 tricks to be the best in Pokmon Masters

10 tricks to be the best in Pokemon Masters

Are you a Pokmon lover? Well, this time we have brought you a few tips to make you the ideal Pokmon master. So take a seat and relax, because these are the 10 tricks to be the best in Pokmon Masters. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced in the game, these tricks will make you improve a lot.

Pokmon Masters is another of the Pokmon games that has known how to evolve over time, as have added more Pokmon, legendary events, new accessories and much more. So get ready!

10 tricks that will make you the best in Pokmon Masters

10 tricks that will make you the best in Pokemon Masters

While Pokmon Go is the most famous game in this mobile franchise, Pokmon Masters has come down to ms (although it is also aimed at a different public). This is why if you are one of those lovers of Pokmon games on portable Nintendo consoles, this game is for you.

So do not be surprised if you see that some of the tips that we will tell you next are similar to the ones you used for your traditional Pokmon games. Anyway, the idea is that you can improve your Pokmon and accessories in a faster wayas alsoget the best compis of the game.

Use the gems well

Use Pokemon Masters gems well

As you know, Gems are what will allow you to buy from the compis. Without these, you cannot complete or design the equipment you want. This is why you should save all the gems you can and use them at the right time.

How to know what that moment is? Simple, every so often you have special festivals that increase the probability of a 5 star compi. In the past it was with Azul and Pidgeot, right now Est Mximo and Metagross.

If you are one of those who cannot (or does not want to) pay for the gems you can rest easy, because Gems are easy to get if you complete all missions (including daily).


Is It is one of the key parts of the game, why? Well, it is all because the story mode chapters will not help you to raise your Pokmon to the maximum level, this you will achieve with special events and locations.

These events and locations change, so you should take advantage of them. For example, this week the Snivy and Nanci event was available that gave this couple an extra bonus of experience. Because of this, you bought faster level up. In addition, your other two compis that accompany you will also gain experience.

This point is really important and goes hand in hand with something called autoclicker. Is It is a tool that allows Pokmon Masters to play alone. That is, the app simulates the touch to the screen as if we were touching it. This will help you a lot to level up your Pokmon in a very fast way.

Here we leave you a video of the YouTuber “El Rincn de Jafedi” so that you can visualize it better:

Do all the missions

Do all the missions of Pokemon Masters

In Pokmon Masters the objects are not so easy to obtain, especially those that you must exchange in the store. This is why the best way to get gems and all other objects that will allow you to improve your Pokmon is completing all the missions: