10 thousand DPI of precision for gaming

10 thousand DPI of precision for gaming

Mionix presents the new Castor in Spain, the latest addition to its range of Premium gaming mice. Named as a tribute to one of the brightest stars in the sky, this six-button, multi-colored, optical mouse It is specially manufactured for right-handed gamers, with spaces designed for the ring and the meique finger, an improved rubber grip and features for exceptional technical performance.

Castor's unique form has been developed for right-handed players, offering a great grip both with the palm of the hand, as in a claw position or with the fingertips. In addition, the mouse has specific spaces to support the meique finger and the ring, which makes it extremely comfortable to hold and lift.

On the other hand, The PMW-3310 optical gaming level sensor has zero hardware acceleration, neither positive nor negative, an amazing precision, a fluid tracking and a maximum speed of more than 5.45m / sec (215 IPS), with a resolution of up to 10,000DPI. This is the choice of the best professional players in the world and It is considered the best gaming sensor available today.

It also includes the new calibration function of lift-off distance (LOD), which combines the Surface Quality Analyzer (S.Q.A.T) tool with height adjustment to find the lowest possible LOD with optimized tracking. In addition, its powerful 32 bit ARM processor It allows the mouse to execute numerous gaming functions without compromising sensor performance.

Finally, the mouse software, available for download, provides full access to customize all buttons, sensor settings, LED colors, macros and profiles. The device is available for 69 euros.

Castor main features

– Five fingers, one support: Ergonomic and designed for the right hand, it has a special space for the meique finger and the ring to comfortably support the five fingers on the mouse.– Maximum grip: Four layers of rubber lining and sides with textured rubbers that ensure maximum grip and a soft touch feel.– Powerful processor: The 32bit ARM processor that runs at 32Mhz is the engine that powers and ensures the possibility of making rapid configuration changes in the game without problems.– 128Kb of integrated memory: Bring your settings and programs saved and stored in five different profiles.– Zero acceleration sensor with up to 10,000DPI: 1: 1 tracking and zero hardware acceleration, neither positive nor negative.– Three levels of DPI adjustment in the game: Configure three DPI values ​​and switch between them easily in the game.

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