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YouTube TV cancels its subscriptions on iOS, Google doesn't seem to like Apple's commission on the App Store

youtube iphone x

Apple may have to rethink its marketing strategy in the App Store. The company charges a 30% of the benefits generated by subscriptions to developers. After the first year, the tax drops to 15%.

A few months ago, Netflix canceled its subscriptions through the iOS and iPadOS App Store in order to skip the rate set by Apple, offering users the only possibility to subscribe to the streaming platform service from the official website from Netflix.

And now Google will do the same with its YouTube TV application. As they indicate from CNET, YouTube TV no longer offer subscriptions from in-app purchases from the App Store.

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You will no longer be able to renew your YouTube TV subscription from the App Store

From YouTube they have informed that the subscribers who currently pay for the services of YouTube TV goes to the App Store will see how their subscriptions are automatically canceled on the first renewal date from the March 13. These subscribers must wait until that day to change to a new form of payment.

“YouTube TV no longer offer support in iOS in-app purchases. Apple will continue to be an important partner for YouTube, and our users can continue to enjoy their favorite content across all iOS devices. ”

As we mentioned previously, it is not the first company that decides to cancel the subscriptions of its applications in order to avoid the percentage of revenue that Apple charges in the App Store fees. When changing the method of payment for your subscriptions, YouTube TV will not have to share the benefits generated by the subscriptions.

What do you think about this topic? Should Apple lower these rates?