You can play before you finish downloading a game in the Play Store

You can play before you finish downloading a game in the Play Store

The Google Play is every day more full of video games that greatly meet the expectations of inveterate gamers. So much so that there are already specialized devices for gaming on smartphones. For some time, Google innovated for some titles the ability to play instantly without the need to download with the clear purpose of testing the game and if you liked to download it completely.

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However, there are many titles that weigh more and more due to updates or receive a redesign that makes it necessary to increase the storage to be used. This therefore increases the time of downloading them and if your internet does not help much you have to wait a while to start enjoying. This is why a system will be implemented soon in the Google store to start playing even if the game continues to download in the background.

The method to be used is something called incremental file system that basically store the base game first and in the background while one is investigating the tutorials to learn to play, continue downloading all the additional material in which many times maps, levels, etc. are found.

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At the moment there is no set date for the arrival of this function and it is even thought that it would be until the version of Android 11. Personally I think that it is made only for the most impatient when downloading a game and more than anything functional for titles that weigh more 500 MB

. Anyway, let me know what you think about this next addition to Google Play, do you see it functional? I will be reading you.

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