Xiaomi still betting on home gadgets

Xiaomi still betting on home gadgets

Xiaomi has an immense amount of products always highlighting in them the great quality / price relationship they maintain. Lately they have launched very curious products for everyday use such as the notebook that links what we aim or draw in real time with the smartphone, the lock that has multiple unlock modes integrating artificial intelligence and now, with something as simple as it is a doorbell.

Not just any bell, one with AI and facial recognition

The device be able to take 720p quality video at a 105 degree angle enough to observe outside our homes. Among another of its characteristics, the 50 meter range that has to transmit in case in his mansin the door is far away besides that you can let us know who is the person who knocks at the door thanks to your facial recognition.

The communication between the user and the one who knocks on the door is in real time even in poor lighting thanks to the infrared sensors it contains. As a last section is the fact that it has the capacity to connect with four users at the same time and store all the data collected in the cloud.

The product is in the Xiaomi Youpin store by 199 yuan which are approximately 592 Mexican pesos. What do you think of these latest Xiaomi releases? It is certainly something quite interesting, do not forget to leave us a comment.

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