Xiaomi bet on a 48 MP sensor in camera

Xiaomi bet on a 48 MP sensor in camera

At present, the trend in the camera section has ceased to be carried by how many megapixels the sensor has and it has been better to add more sensors that allow us to improve the quality of our photographs altogether.

Despite this last, it seems that Xiaomi return with a device to house a giant 48 MP camera.

The information has been disseminated directly by the co-founder and current president of Xiaomi, Lin Bin, who has been in charge of posting a photo that shows the back of a computer with the aforementioned sensor in sight in the Chinese social network Weibo.

Possible functionality

Perhaps having a single high resolution sensor comes from the hand of an application that integrates artificial intelligence or some new technology That the company is being saved to surprise us. Come on, nobody would take a risk if it wasn't for a good reason.

The arrival of this device of which the model an is not informed is scheduled for the month of January next year and we will be waiting for your arrival.

T what do you think of this great camera? Will it have any special function? Leave your impressions in the comment box, we are reading.