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WhatsApp backups on Drive are not encrypted

Very recently, WhatsApp reached an agreement so that its backups located on Google Drive do not take up Google storage space. Great news for all those who have a lot of information in the application, since this storage is limited and gives us even more freedom to keep our files safe.

The fact is that WhatsApp enjoys good security, since it counts with end-to-end encryption, so saving distances with Facebook scandals, our private information is safe. But beware: Google Drive copies are not encrypted.

Copies of your data located on Google Drive are not encrypted end-to-end.

WhatsApp backups in Google Drive are not encrypted

This backup stored in the Google Drive account is not encrypted or enjoys the end-to-end encryption that we can have in our own app. The fact is that, if we go to the WhatsApp FAQ page (frequently asked questions), we will see that in the backup section there is a text that makes it clear:

«Important: Media files and messages you save will not be protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in Google Drive. »

It is logical, since Drive is another completely separate service. WhatsApp gives us a solution, and it is putting a difficult password in our Google account. Perhaps many of them know as if it were a bad patch, but we must make it clear that while this leaves something more exposed to our data, We don't have to worry.

WhatsApp backups in Google Drive are not encrypted

As long as we have our sensitive data regarding the account (password, email), we should have no problem and our data will hardly be compromised. It is also true that since 2015, the year in which these backups were implemented, there has been no incident in this regard.

But this makes us think about whether it's really worth the convenience of having these copies on Google servers in return to put our privacy "in danger" in some way. Because the servers are from Google and we don't have end-to-end encryption. Is it dramatic? No. But will you have to go with lead feet and improve the security of your account? We recommend that you do.