We tested the launcher of Poco F1: minimalist, with good options ...

We tested the launcher of Poco F1: minimalist, with good options …

In the presentation of Poco's new Pocophone F1, Xiaomi's new sub-brand, managers stressed that although the mobile was running MIUI, the interface created by Xiaomi, some modifications had been made.

Among them was a rather notorious, the system launcher, which more closely resembled Western tastes with elements such as the app drawer.

After waiting a few days we have been able to download it and use it to tell you what we think about this new application that you can already try on your mobile phones.

Clean and with fair options

The installation of this application is simple and we will simply be asked for the necessary permissions to make it work. In the configuration process we will also be given the option to change the wallpaper that we have for one that comes with the launcher itself.

To enter the settings, you must press and hold your finger on an empty desk space and select the settings option. A few variables will come out but in the last one we are given access to the full menu.

In that menu we can change the behavior of the application drawer, the icons we use or the way in which they are grouped in the desks.

The app drawer It is one of the most differentiating elements of the normal MIUI interface and the truth is that it works very well.

At the bottom we have an app search engine. We had seen this in other launchers but not in this position and it makes perfect sense. In the upper area we have the most used apps, something that is also appreciated although it would be better to have it also below, next to the search box.

If we slide to the sides instead of up and down we will access the different categories, which show the apps automatically.

Among the most curious options we have to block access to some applications simply with an option that will ask us for our fingerprint or a specific unlock pattern.

It is not a launcher with many functions, like Nova, or minimalist, like the Pixel Launcher. It is a bet halfway between both options. And it is fast. It is worth a try.