iPhone 13 concepto

We do not have an iPhone 12 and there are some who imagine the iPhone 13

iPhone 13 concept
The iPhone anxiety following the one Apple reveals every September has already normalized. Not surprisingly, even from the same month of December, when comparative or specification notes are still taken from the firm's flagship, we begin to see concepts, analysis and all possible qualities of the next model.

And although as expected at this point of the year, the iPhone 12 is the one that should be among the priorities of the designers and creators of renderings, interestingly, we have seen as a concept of iPhone 13 has been viralized in networks. Yes, a model following one that we don't even know.

How to be the iPhone 13?

It has been through social networks and platforms that usually have this type of firsts, YouTube and Behance from where we have found this great concept, although we do not know if prudent, of what could be the 2021 iPhone. According to what is shown in the images and corresponding video it is a mobile similar to iPhone 5 but with more industrial touches, while the display is more similar to Samsung's Infinity.

For now it is impossible to know if this iPhone respond to the needs of the market at that time, especially now, when by this date, there are still several trends in development with regard to mobile phones. Especially, on the iPhone 12 from which new hypotheses arise every day such as the possibility that it resembles that of the current iPad Pro, and also eliminate or cut the top notch, new colors, or the recent possibility of a new WiFi specification, 802.11a , which is currently in the development phase and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Can you imagine the iPhone 2013 similar to this concept? What will you add or remove? Share in the comments!