We are facing the possible design of the Xiaomi Mi A4? ┬╗ERdC

We are facing the possible design of the Xiaomi Mi A4? ┬╗ERdC

Xiaomi Mi CC10: Are we facing the possible design of the Xiaomi Mi A4?

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Xiaomi last year China launched the Mi CC9, both terminals had two variants the Mi 9 Lite and the My A3apparently the story is Repeat with the Xiaomi Mi CC10.

Xiaomi offer a new design with perforated screen and four cameras

Xiaomi Mi CC10 / Mi A4

This supposed Xiaomi Mi CC10 will have an updated design with the latest trends of 2020, that is, perforated screen, reduced frames and in the back Four cameras that look very inspired by what we saw from OnePlus on your OnePlus 7T.

Other specifications of the supposed Xiaomi Mi A4

Finally we can see an AMOLED screen, which means we will have a fingerprint reader integrated in it.

Other specifications seem to confirm that Xiaomi will include a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 Series with support for 5G connectivity, which is expected to boost sales of the Mi A3.

A highly criticized Xiaomi Mi A3

Since it was announced that the Mi CC9e will be the basis of the Mi A3 we could see different critics towards this terminal, such as that its screen would remain in 720p, that the processor will be the Snapdragon 665 which did not present important differences in performance with the Sanpadragon 660 from the previous Xiaomi Mi A2.

Despite this, the most important criticism has been its launch price, which is falling dramatically in recent months.

For all this Xiaomi will be looking offer a different, more current terminal and with features that make it more interesting for all audiences.

Hopefully in the coming weeks they will meet more details about this Mi CC10 (Mi 10 Lite) or what will surely be the future Xiaomi Mi A4 with Android One.

We think it is right if this happens, the Xiaomi Mi A4 can be a very interesting option for many.

What do you think of this design and possible specifications?