Total control of your mobile lines with "My Yoigo"

Total control of your mobile lines with "My Yoigo"

Yoigo launches its new Mi Yoigo app, so that customers can manage their line from their mobile phone. The application has a very intuitive and visual interface so that users can navigate it easily, quickly and easily.

The Mi Yoigo app allows to manage all the lines to which the client has access. Once you register, with the same keys that you can use for the web version, access the application menu, which allows a multitude of options.

From the app, the customer can:

  • See how you use your line: call history or how much data you have consumed.
  • Check the rate you have contracted and the services that this includes.
  • See the services you have hired and / or canceled in the last 30 days, such as Data Bonds, for example.
  • The app offers a series of graphs of consumption (data, minutes, SMS) so that the client can see with a simple glance the consumption that is making or compare it with that of the last months.
  • From the Mi Yoigo app, the client can also consult, download and even email the last thirteen invoices.

Service Management

  • My Yoigo App also allows the client to manage their line to the maximum:
  • You can enable or disable International Roaming.
  • Lock or unlock Premium services.
  • Activate or deactivate the answering machine of your line.
  • Request your paper or electronic invoices.
  • Consult the puk.

In addition to all these options, the app offers the client a consultation section, with the complete Yoigo Help information for any questions.

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