Three applications for Samsung phones that I would like to have on my Android phone

Three applications for Samsung phones that I would like to have on my Android phone

We tell you three Samsung applications that give an incredible added value to the brand. If you have a Samsung mobile you can use them, while if you have doubts about whether the brand is worth it for you or not, it can be used to take it into account.

For the past few months I have been using the Galaxy Note 8 for analysis, a year later. Additionally I have spent the last weeks testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for analysis and user experience.

Not everything is hardware, exclusive applications also matter

Testing these phones has helped me to know some applications that I liked a lot.

Everything in this life has an end, and once the tests are over, I have to go back to my main mobile, a Google Pixel 2 XL that came out very cheap on eBay. A mobile that would not change for anything, but that makes me miss some features that I have used very often in the Galaxy Note 8 and 9.

Beyond the use of the pencil, there were three applications that I liked very much to use and that I miss now. One is a Samsung application available on Google Play, another is a third-party application and the third is a preinstalled application.

Samsung Flow is the best in the world if you work in mobility

Samsung Flow

Some time ago our partner Roberto wrote a very good article about Samsung Flow, an article that had a very good impact (and I recommend reading it if you have not already done so). I usually work at home, but in good afternoon I like to go to work with a laptop on a terrace.

Samsung Flow is the perfect complement to the laptop if you have Windows. You have to download the application on your mobile and PC, and once installed on both devices, you have to connect. The characteristics that have made me fall in love with Samsung Flow are the following.

  • Auto tethering: If your computer does not have Wi-Fi network, it automatically activates the access point of your Samsung mobile and connects. A notification will appear in Windows so that when you accept, the connection is managed alone. When you finish using the computer, the access point is turned off only.
  • Forget the password: Once connected to Samsung Flow, just have our mobile with the active screen to unlock the computer. That is, if your computer does not have biometric authentication you can take advantage of the facial, iris or fingerprint unlock of your Samsung mobile.
  • Share files: You can send files between your Samsung mobile and your PC via Wi-Fi Direct. It doesn't work very well when you're using the shared connection, though.

Bixby Buttons turns the Bixby button into a useful button

We talked about this application a few days ago, and it offers an additional value for the Galaxy S8, S9, Note 8 and Note 9. These devices include a button for the Bixby assistant, but of course, since it only works in English it is not something that has much value for us

BxActions allows us change the function of the Bixby button to any other function. Have you always wanted to have an extra button for the function you want? Accessing the camera, turning on Google Assistant or activating and deactivating the do not disturb mode are some of the possibilities of this great button.

Not everything is work, I like Game Launcher

Finally, I like the Samsung game mode a lot. It is not the only company that has such an application, But the truth is that I like it for several reasons:

  • You can group your games in the application, as if it were a folder.
  • You can adjust a balance between performance and autonomy for each game.
  • Access to «Game tools» It allows us to record our games, block notifications or the navigation bar itself to avoid leaving the game by accident.