This will be the world's first rolling telephone

This will be the world's first rolling telephone

Flexible phones seem to want to be next
step in the evolution of smartphones, however, today they have not reached
the maturity that we would like, because we see how their screens are not so
resistant to shocks and scratches, and even some equipment have
problems in the area of ​​the fold of the screen in its first months of life.

But TCL seems to have a solution to the phones
flexible, because you will have to launch a phone at some point
roller, in fact, the Chinese firm was going to show a prototype of this
phone at the Mobile World Congress, but because the event has been
canceled, it seems we will have to wait to know when to show TCL
said prototype.

How to operate this device?

The American media, CNET, has had access to information related to this prototype, and they have shared a render of how it could look.

At first glance it will be a normal smartphone, but whose
main feature will be to be able to unwind another screen of your
inside to become a kind of tablet. The internal mechanism has not
been revealed, but part of this screen is likely to roll in the
inside the device, a situation that will also make the equipment perhaps
slightly thicker than most smartphones.

With this TCL mechanism one of the great current problems of flexible telephones can be avoided, which is precisely its fragility in the folding system, although on the other hand it will be necessary to see how many times this screen can be rolled up and unwound without the mechanism suffering any problem.

Unfortunately there are not many more details besides the render that CNET has shared, and of course that TCL has remained completely silent about it, although this is undoubtedly one of the concepts to follow during this 2020.

By coronavirus, TCL cancels press event at MWC 2020