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This strange game is a mix of zoo and Tamagotchi: Animarium

Animarium is a game in which you must get a zoo based on unlocking all creatures. It produces enough energy and increases the chances of each animal.

Animarium It is not an easy game to explain since its mechanics, despite being simple, is somewhat twisted. We have some animals, Maroons, which we will have to unlock. Each will produce energy depending on its level. And that energy unlocks other animals and new elements. How do you stay? If you don't try it, you won't understand. Hooks up.

Animarium is a curious collection game

This strange game is a mix of zoo and Tamagotchi: Animarium

I think I would bet on this formula to define Animarium: it's a collection game. Eggs Inc has a certain air in the way we should evolve based on producing with our animals. And as we level up, the production capacity of each animal will grow accordingly.

Under these premises that seem absurd, and the graphic style that the characters possess, you may think that it is not worth it, but it has its point: It's a casual game of those who end up hooking. The worst thing is that it is in English and, although the instructions are understood correctly, the intricate game mechanism blurs the learning a bit.

This strange game is a mix of zoo and Tamagotchi: Animarium

Different animals that we can get as we have more energy, pills with which we will accelerate the actions to make it easier to progress, accelerators of time to jump into the future obtaining the relevant energy collection … And chests that will reward us with different powerups.

Animarium is a free game which, as you can imagine, houses a lot of micropayments. The pills, an essential element to move faster, are limited, so Animarium he puts them up for sale in packs in the purest Walter White style.

Animarium is a casual game that has its different touch

Not that it offers hours of fun, but it sure entertains you for a while. You do not need excessive learning time: it is basically collecting the energy produced by animals. Although yes: from the pinch of paranoia it doesn't get rid.

Animarium It is ready for download. It has been out of beta very recently, so it can be said that you almost released it. It is quite original, something that is already worth it.