This is all the torture that the Galaxy Z Flip endures before breaking

This is all the torture that the Galaxy Z Flip endures before breaking

With the launch of Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has become the only firm in the world with 2 flexible teams in the market, and the only one that seems to want to bet fully on this segment. And one of the things that make this phone interesting is that it is the first flexible in the world with a glass screen and not plastic, something that theoretically should give greater resistance to scratches.

To check, the famous Youtuber, Zack Nelson, has tested the resistance of the Galaxy Z Flip, especially as regards its screen.

If you have seen other Zack resistance videos, you will know what
most high-end smartphones begin to show damage in the
screen from level 6, being at level 7 the part where the
Scratches are highly visible and sensitive to touch.

In Nelson's tests, the Galaxy Z Flip began to show
damage at level 2, while at level 3 the damage was highly visible and
Sensitive to touch.

This is exactly the same resistance achieved by the Galaxy Fold and the Motorola razr, which are two flexible phones with a plastic screen, so the glass screen of the Z Flip does not really seem to offer greater resistance as we all think.

And how many times you can fold the Galaxy Z Flip before breaking

For now the only data on the resistance of this
Flexible phone regarding its ability to stick and peel off have been
provided by Samsung, so we have to wait for other sources
perform your own tests to see if the data is exactly the

Samsung says the Z Flip can bend and unfold up to 200 thousand times before the screen has problems. This means that the Galaxy Z Flip is just as tough as the Galaxy Fold in this regard.

Galaxy Fold with broken screen.

The above translates into an average use of 5 years. Even if
if we consider that the average use of a telephone is 80 queries per
da, then the Galaxy Z Flip will hold up to 6 years of use without problem.