This company may surpass Samsung in smartphone sales, and you may have never heard its name

This company may surpass Samsung in smartphone sales, and you may have never heard its name

Like it or not, Chinese companies dominate the market of
Smartphones 3 of the 5 brands that sell more phones are from
this country, and 4 of this same ranking come directly from Asia.

According to the latest data published by the analysis firm, Cunterpoint, and which represent the sales of 2019, Samsung continues to lead the market in smartphone sales, however, more than 46% of sales are from Chinese manufacturers, and this percentage, minimum 18% belongs only to a Chinese company, that is, it is 2% reach Samsung in international sales.

Of course, if one sees the list of brands that more phones
They probably don't notice anything strange, because we see names like Huawei,
Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo (Motorola), LG, Realme and ms. But what
you probably didn't know is that 4 Chinese brands on this list belong to a
single company, which sells more phones than Huawei.

BBK Electronics: the Chinese titan that could beat Samsung

It is likely that you have never heard of BBK, which is a Chinese company with more doubts than answers, because the first thing that attracts attention is that it is difficult to find accurate information about the history of this company, and what we know is that the government Chinese seems to be part of this company as it has been with other large companies in the country, such as Huawei.

BBK began to get more attention from the media
international and other companies when OnePlus hit the market in 2014, because
It was learned that although the brand had its own headquarters, it was discovered that
It had the same production line as OPPO, in fact, it was thought that
OPPO was the owner of OnePlus, but some time later it was announced that OPPO and OnePlus
They belong to BBK Electronics.

In addition to OPPO and OnePlus, Realme, Vivo, IMOO and Vsun are companies of BBK Electronics, hence the brand has an important market share, since 3 of its 6 companies are in the top of world sales.

This is the reason why OPPO designs many times
and OnePlus are similar, because although each brand works separately,
the reality is that there is a company above them that controls many more
details of those we believe.

Why BBK could beat Samsung very soon

If we consider only the sales data of brands such as
OPPO, Vivo and Realme will realize that the market share they generate
these three companies is 18%, that is, more than Huawei, and very close to the
Samsung market share, and that we are not considering the sales of
OnePlus, which, although they are a brand more niche, the reality is that maybe they could
Be close to having a 1% worldwide share.

With the growth that brands such as OPPO and Realme are having, they are also expanding rapidly to other parts of the world (in fact, this year they will reach Mexico). In addition to that, Vivo is another brand that is growing significantly in China, perhaps none of them exceeds Huawei's sales in China, or even exceeds Samsung worldwide, but together they sell more phones than Apple, Huawei and may soon sell more than Samsung.

With this it is clear that BBK Electronics could become
soon in the world's largest smartphone maker, and with that put China
as the king of the mobile industry without many users in the world knowing it.