iPhone 12 nuevo 2020

These are the features that we would like to see on the iPhone 12 of 2020

iPhone 12 new 2020

Despite the current fever of folding devices, if you are a regular user of Apple at this point you should already know that the 2020 iPhone does not have this feature, although attractive it really is not as requested as it seems. What we do want to integrate is a lot of improvements that we consider really interesting and that it is time for them to reach the iPhone, so let's take a look at the list of what we really want to see on the iPhone 12.

Our wish list for iPhone 12

Full screen end to end without notch: Although for this Apple will first have to get to place the front camera and Face ID in another place or under the screen. An iPhone with a full-screen design will truly delight most users.

iphone 12

120Hz display: To complete a screen from end to end that better than a high refresh rate so that everything enjoys smooth and natural transitions? Such a screen will improve the overall experience when navigating the device and will be great for regulars to mobile video games.

Touch ID under the screen: No, with this we do not mean that we want them to remove Face ID, on the contrary, what we want is that both are integrated to be employed at the same time, as the competition already does. Face ID has turned out to be safe and fast, but there are circumstances that still resist it and that Touch ID can solve. It is rumored that Apple is working on an improved version of Touch ID, but according to analyst Ming Chi Quo we will not see it until 2020.

Video portrait mode: Samsung and LG have already included the characteristic bokeh effect for video recording on their devices so why would Apple not do it? With rumors of a ToF camera on the next iPhone who knows what Cupertino will be capable of.

Ms base storage: This is something that has been asking for a long time, and it is that although it is true that Apple has gradually expanded its base storage what we need to see now is a bigger leap. A device with 128GB of storage for example to be able to record 4K video without fear or enjoy great games without running out of memory on our device. Failing that, and if Apple doesn't improve this, maybe an increase in the capacity of free iCloud. Users have long complained that 5GB simply isn't enough at all.

Wireless reversible charge: A function that we know that the iPhone can assume without problems and that it will take pearls with its two accessories par excellence: the AirPods and the Apple Watch. Having a reversible charge will be a breakthrough for circumstances in which our accessories will run out of batteries, just put them next to the back of our iPhone and recharge.

iphone reversible wireless charging

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Longer battery life: This year Apple has taken a giant step forward and has implemented a larger capacity battery along with a really efficient chip, the A13. Unfortunately users will always ask for a longer battery life, and this is a feature that comes standard on this list. This year the iPhone became a little thicker to have more space for a larger battery and users loved it. We hope that Apple has understood that we value a good battery over many other things.

USB-C connection: To finish this list something that is undoubtedly an outstanding task of Apple. With Macbooks running on USB-C and iPad Pro, this may be just the year in which the iPhone leaves the Lightning connector and embraces the USB-C in its range, and so on. have a charger that works for all your devices. We see it as a logical step and we hope to see it this year.

As you have seen the list is completely closed in features that are really plausible, so Apple could perfectly include them all. In spite of the various patents that Cupertino's already have of folding devices, there is still time until we see an ace device on your part (if we see it), so for the moment we will dream about the device that is feasible and hopefully Let Apple read our list of requests.