The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro beats 600,000 points on AnTuTu

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro beats 600,000 points on AnTuTu

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AnTuTu is the greatest reference that someone can go to when they want to know what is the most powerful mobile of the moment. Without a doubt, we are talking about a very important ranking for the Android universe. And this time, it was revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has beaten 600,000 points on AnTuTu.

The new MIUI update brought many improvements for this powerful mobile. Thanks to this, Xiaomi's flagship was able to reach that high score in the popular benchmark.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro breaks limits on AnTuTu

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The update for the Mi 10 series includes a new driver for your GPU. This is possible thanks to its Snapdragon 865 processor that can receive updates capable of improving its performance periodically. In addition, it brought some other notable features such as:

  • Improvement in sound quality of the speakers.
  • Fixed issues related to mobile data.
  • Improvements in the notification speed of WeChat notifications.
  • Android security patch update as of February 2020.
  • Improvements in the 5G WLAN band signal.
  • Correction of network problems and latencies with WiFi connections.

Either way, the most notable improvement was the update of the Adreno 650 GPU driver. In case you did not know, it is one of the most powerful mobile graphics units at this time. And now, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is getting the most out of it.

The Mi 10 Pro underwent tests in a cold environment to take into account the heat that can generate and his score was really remarkable. Undoubtedly, this was also key for the Xiaomi beast to break the 600,000 point barrier at AnTuTu.

Nor can we forget its incredible photographic section. Why? Because it is a mobile with cudruple camera whose main sensor has 108 MP for photography, 25 millimeters of focal length and ability to record video in 8K at 30 frames per second. This sensor is accompanied by a 20 MP wide angle sper, a 12 MP short telephoto lens and an 8 MP long telephoto lens. As surely you must be imagining, that also influences the score that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro reached in AnTuTu.

In the video you can see a sample of what he is able to achieve, and it is impressive.

And you, Would you like to have this beast in your power?

Source | Gizmochina