the walking dead temporada 9

The Walking Dead: Watch Season 10

The Walking Dead fans had been waiting for almost a year to see the next installment of the most famous zombie series on the television scene.

Be next monday February 24 at 22:00 on the Fox network when we can see the first chapter of season 10 of The Walking Dead.

SPOILERS The first episode of The Walking Dead continue to be marked by the tensions that our protagonists suffer with the Whispers clan. The main characters will still be trapped in the cave, will they be able to avoid the walkers and escape?

In the trailer of season 10 of The Walking Dead we can see how Gamma is heading towards the survivors to inform them that their friends have fallen into the trap of Alpha. We do not know if this is a change of side or a plan to further confuse their opponents.

We will have to watch the whole new season of The Walking Dead to answer all our questions.

How to watch The Walking Dead season 9B

It is the Fox Espaa chain that has bought the broadcasting rights of the ninth season of The Walking Dead, so you can no longer enjoy the most famous zombie series through platforms such as Netflix or HBO Spain (s that you can see the previous seasons).

Fox is a paid channel that is broadcast in Spain through different platforms: Movistar +, Vodafone, Orange, Euskaltel, Telecable, R, Sky or Bein Connect. You can take a look at all the options available through the official website of Fox Spain.

This means that you will have to hire one of the channel packages offered by one of the aforementioned providers. Perhaps, from the list, Movistar + is the most popular option in Spain.

Like Netflix, Movistar + offers packages that, in addition to television channels, allow you to watch content on streaming of TV series and movies. You can check all their prices and offers by clicking on this link.

Vodafone also has television packages so you can enjoy extra entertainment channels, including Fox Spain. If you want to compare prices, we recommend that you also Check out Vodafone offers.

However, it may Bein connect Be the most affordable option on the list, especially if you are also a fan of football and sports in general. For 14.99 a month you can enjoy specific soccer channels and games, as well as entertainment channels (like Fox).

Use a VPN to watch series and movies outside of Spain

It may be the case that, despite having hired one of the services described in the previous section, you are outside Spain at the time you want to see The Walking Dead.

It is very likely that in this situation a message will appear indicating that the content you are trying to see is not available in your territory. This is due to the geographical block to which most of the content is subjected to streaming or live

However, the solution is very simple: you just have to install a VPN to be able to change the IP address and choose the country from which you connect. In this case, you are interested in choosing to connect from Spain to see The Walking Dead abroad.