Samsung Bixby

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is analyzed before its presentation

Samsung is finishing preparing the New York event for August 9 where it will present its new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But some unit seems to have lost its way and has reached the hands of Eldar Murtazin himself.

For those who don't know him, Eldar has been a reference in mobile telephony since the last century. The Russian has enviable contacts in the industry and this time it has allowed him to briefly analyze the Note 9, although unfortunately without photographs.

Bixby and artificial intelligence are the protagonists

The first thing that highlights the Russian analyst is that the new Samsung model will enhance what we have already begun to see in the previous models in reference to artificial intelligence, which we know is the future of Samsung. In part it will come from the hand of Bixby 2.0, an improvement of the assistant of the Korean firm that has passed in the shadow of Google and Amazon.

Samsung Bixby

Of course, for now they will focus on improving it in English, to later bring the news to other languages ​​as they did at its launch.

A conservative model

This Note 9 is a device that will be similar to its predecessors in many aspects. There will be no triple rear camera since Samsung has decided to postpone the launch of this type of models for 2019. It is something that is speculated with the S9 and seems to be true.

The design is also kept within the current line with very small edges on the screen and without notch.

The biggest difference with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that in the back area we see the cameras placed horizontally but with the fingerprint sensor under them not next to them as it happened in the Note last year.

The essence of the Note returns

In recent years we have seen how Samsung tried to bring the Note closer to a larger audience but having not worked as expected (perhaps because of the problem with the Note 7), the new Galaxy Note 9 will return to the essence that saw it born: productivity and business

That is why one of its main functions, the S-Pen, will take on special relevance, as we told you a few days ago.

It also improves the battery, which will be 4000 mAh and will allow between one and two days of use, depending on the conditions to which we subject it.

Inherit the Galaxy S9's variable aperture camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a dual camera, like the S9 Plus, and will be improved in some aspects.

It will maintain the variable opening of the one that Samsung presumes in the announcements of its Galaxy S. It remains to be seen that the difference is greater than in that model.